Month: July 2013

‘Fine China’ Finally Gets Justice


‘Fine China’ is a smash. From the guitar riff with a slamming drop beat leading up to that first baybay, it is literally flaw-free. Except for the fact that Chris Brown sings it, which would actually make it flaw-city.




Kanye, We Want You Back


I’m disappointed in Kanye. I know that he could care less and most of you too, but I’m disappointed. I’m saddened that he named his album ‘Yeezus’. I’m sad he reverts to controversy over his art. I miss the Kanye that was the soundtrack to my high school. You do too. Here’s why –




“It’s been a long time/I shouldna have left you/without a dope beat to step to”


The artist formally know as Kick The Ear Drum.

Back for round 2. (3 if you were really counting)

Less frequent, better quality posts.


Theezy Knows Best.