Kanye, We Want You Back


I’m disappointed in Kanye. I know that he could care less and most of you too, but I’m disappointed. I’m saddened that he named his album ‘Yeezus’. I’m sad he reverts to controversy over his art. I miss the Kanye that was the soundtrack to my high school. You do too. Here’s why –

He made it through the wire


Remember Kanye’s first single? The song he recorded while his mouth was wired shut from his car accident. Kanye has never lost his passion, but it was never as raw as it was in ‘Through The Wire’. While the song wasn’t a commercial smash, it showed us all what he was – hungry for success.

I miss the man who knew he would make it, but also knew how hard he needed to try.

“Unbreakable, would you thought they called me Mr. Glass”

His Fixation With God


Kanye was a man struggling with faith. He was trying to find God and was rapping through that struggle. While ‘Jesus Walks’ may have not been as trailblazing for Christ as he may think, Kanye wore his search for faith on his sleeve. He not only questions the radio for their discontent with God, but our nation. The result was a song full of passion, questions, confusion, and a banging beat.

Not many rappers can honestly rap about their struggle with God. Kanye did and not only did it get people talking about faith and the music industry, but it made people think about God and why songs about him aren’t played on the radio.

He made people question society, and thats a good thing.

He Loved The Fake Ray Charles


Jaime Foxx + Ray Charles Voice + Baby Mama Drama + Tyco and Geico Rhyme = Being Left for a White Girl

I was on the highway in Seattle when I first heard ‘Gold Digger’, where were YOU?


He Rapped About Blood Diamonds


We’re you also prepared for the movie because of Kanye’s track???????

This War

437xKanye vs. 50. What an epic throw down. Two titans and the two most anticipated albums of 2007 dropping the same day. It was the first time in Hip-Hop that a rivalry was healthy. Sales vs. Sales. #TeamKanye was in our heart before twitter existed.

Remember the nerves? Driving to FYE in your mom friends car because you need to get Kanye’s album and not 50’s because ‘Ayo Technology’ was a flop (even though you loved it). Am I alone on this?

Or listening to ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ over and over again even though you knew all the words to the first verse of ‘I Get Money’ but would never admit it.



Also, Kanye won with 957k sold compared to 50’s 691k sold.

These Glasses



And Most Of All…


The soundtrack to my senior year. From beginning to end, ‘Graduation’ was a constant theme at the end of my high school career. Not because of what it represented, but because it shaped the sound of what I expected a quality album to sound like.

I know that I’ll never get this Kanye back, and that’s ok because as I’ve grown, he’s grown.

I may be in the minority, but I’d rather remember the old Kanye and stay away from a man who says that he’s a God and names his album after my savior.

Mr. West, you are missed.




    So, while your critique does bring up some great points I have to ultimately disagree with it. When I first listened to Yeezus I too yearned for the soul samples and funny lines Kanye is always delivering. My wish was fulfilled as soon as I heard ‘Bound 2’ (Rock forever 21 but just turned THIRTAY!.. plus Charlie Wilson..) Sold.

    As for the other tracks, he is saying what many other artists (particularly African-American artists) know to be true about America but would never actually say.. (particularly in Black Skinhead and New Slaves) his commentary on race (to me) are brilliant. It’s a struggle he will forever deal with and it’s in his blood.. as he has said so many times it is how he was raised (father was a black panther and mother taught AA studies). I also believe he has felt this pull on race even more as his relationship with that Kardashian girl (scowl) became more public. America at large is not about interracial relationships, not even in a cereal commercial (cheerios anyone?)

    Kanye is an artist that refuses to remain static. We can trace movement, change, progression, maturity, development in every album he has every produced. 808’s and Heartbreak was drastically different from anything he (or any rapper frankly) had ever put out and Yeezus follows that pattern. He is someone that hates to put in a box. We see that he is always pushing against any label society tries to place on him or his music.

    Lastly, when it comes to religion, I don’t think we have any right to comment on how much control he has over his faith. We need to remember he is a very calculated human being. He shares what he wants to share so we can never fully know his struggle (or lack of one) with God/his faith. And.. if you really listen to I Am God you can see there is an obvious line drawn between “i am a god” and “i am God”. Subtle difference in wording but BIIIIG difference in meaning. He further goes on to say he is a man of God and his life is in the hands of God.


    Also: those glasses were NEVER ok.

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