‘Fine China’ Finally Gets Justice


‘Fine China’ is a smash. From the guitar riff with a slamming drop beat leading up to that first baybay, it is literally flaw-free. Except for the fact that Chris Brown sings it, which would actually make it flaw-city.



Now I’m not exactly a Jessie J fan, but the girl can sing. And nothing proves how good a song is until someone who can actually sing sings it.

I should take this time out to say that if you think Chris hitting those autotune high notes is singing know that I’m sitting here shaking my head at you.

THIS is singing.

If only Jessie could make music like this for herself. Her voice is pure passion. I always knew that I secretly liked ‘Fine China’, but hearing it like this made me love it.

Props to Chris for writing a smash song. Props to Jessie for knowing how to deliver it.

Ladies and Gentleman, one of the years best songs finally done right –


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