7 Thoughts From ‘Mine’


There are so many moments to write about from the new Beyonce album, but let’s stick to the topic and talk about ‘Mine’.

The 6:18 track is jam packed with so many gems that we should roll the partition up and break it down with 7 major thoughts.

Thought 1: Crazy in Separation

Beyonce’s not feeling herself since the baby and is thinking about separations and break ups.

Jay mentioned thinking about joint custody in his song Jay-Z Blue.

Are they slowing preparing us for a world without them?

*skips to track 3*

Naw, they’re just Drunk in Love surfing


Thought 2: That Beat

So we just left the dramatic intro:

Majid Jordan has just finished his runs (How did he sneak into the studio again?)

The beat has evaporated

We’re still worried about their marriage

and then the drums hit


But who is this song for?

Thought 3: Good Girls

This song is only for the good girl.


No, not you on the right. On the left. THE LEFT.

Thought 4:  All for You

“Stop making a big deal out of the little things-“

REMEMBER: we’ve already taken this too far, remember

“Cause I got big deals”


“and I got little things


“I got everything I’m asking for but you”

Jay Z

Thought 5: Drake is Always Moody

He thinks about you from 8 to 8.

No rest no sleep =


Thought 6: Take Care 2.0

At the 4:50 mark Beyonce disappears and Drake takes the reigns serving some Take Care 2.0 realness .

And suddenly this feels like the Drake collaboration featuring Beyonce that was probably written for Nothing Was The Same,

but ended up on Beyonce because what Bey wants Bey gets.

*And I believe it’s true*


Thought 7: Worth It

Drakes had collaborated with Nicki, Alicia, Mary, and Bad Gal Rih throughout the past few years, which really only left Beyonce as his last main R&B diva collaboration.

It’s been rumored about for years and proved itself to be one of Beyonce‘s strongest moments.

It’s also further proof that anytime Drake teams up with a Diva musical magic happens. If you want further proof look into ‘Unthinkable’ and if you can handle it ‘Whats My Name’.

And even more proof that Beyonce’s still got it.

Whether she feels like herself or not.


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