Realizing The Dream


After nearly 7 years and 5 albums Tetrius “The Dream” Nash has announced that he is leaving Def Jam.

But The Dreams Def Jam legacy will never be from his solo career, but his impeccable ability to write a hit song and propel  the career of the artist singing it.

Let’s not discredit all of his solo work though. He did give us LOVE/HATE (Senior Year *foghorns*) and ‘Rockin That Thang’, but aside from those I struggled to actually enjoy the music because it lacked the quality he gave to other artists.

With that being said, lets honor his past 7 years at Def Jam by highlighting his best song writing moments.

*Dream Voice* Radiooo Killaaaaa

J. Holiday – ‘Suffocate’


I could’ve written about ‘Bed’ [ed-ed-ey-ey-ed] because The Dream wrote that too, and even though it was a far more successful song, ‘Suffocate’ will always reign supreme for me.

The songs driven by the melody backed with a smooth clapping beat.

But that chorus though….


Any true R&B lover would appreciate that chorus. It’s catchy, soulful, and most of all not corny. The idea and theme of the song is so well executed you just have to nod your head in agreement.

And while ‘Bed’ will always be the more popular song, ‘Suffocate’ will always remain that hit that never was, but deserved every bit of it.

Mary J Blige – ‘Just Fine’


Who’s ready for some truth?

‘Umbrella’ (we will get to you later) was actually written an offered to a few FOOLISH artists who turned it done before it got to our Bajan Rih. Mary was one of those artists.

She always regretted not taking the song

 and The Dream still wanted to work with her someday, which resulted in 2007’s ‘Just Fine’

The song could never and would never come close to the success of ‘Umbrella’, but it proves how well The Dream collaborates with an artist. The whole song is screaming Mary, from lyrical content to verse melody. The Dream was even able to access her attitude subtly, making the pre-chorus a song highlight.

Current, catchy, and so fine fine fine fine fine fine fine owwwwe.

Beyonce – ‘Single Ladies’


Simply formula:

Beat the that sounds like a dolphin.

Put a ring on it.


Classic Video.

No. 1 world wide.

Win Song Writing Grammy.

Cultural Impact.


The legacy of this video helped propel the song to history, making it one of the strongest moments of not only The Dreams career, but Beyonce’s which is a feat within itself.

Justin Bieber – ‘Baby’


Got to give the man credit, he wrote Biebers first real hit.

I wonder how much convincing this took Ludacris.

And by convincing I meant $$$$$$$$$

Rihanna – ‘Umbrella’


Written in 12 minutes flat (!) this was the song that threw Rihanna to heights no one expected.

After a mere 3 hits under to belt, ‘Umbrella’ began that Rihanna reign that won’t let up ( just like The Dream says in ‘Hard’)

‘Umbrella’ is one of the catchiest songs of all time. Beyond the ella-ella’s and aye-aye’s is a beautiful love song with one of the best melodies from the 2000’s The hundreds of song covers prove this, especially those that strip the song down.


The song lost at the Grammy’s to ‘Rehab’ – still one of the toughest Grammy races, but remains a staple pop song.

The song is classic.

There is no Rihanna without ‘Umbrella’

Tetrius, we thank you.


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