Outkast is Back: How to Prepare For Ear Assassination


You’ve been shakin’ like a polaroid picture since 2003 and nothing’s about to change.

Trendsetters and kings of rap, Outkast, are gearing up for their big 2014 return.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of their debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.


 To celebrate, the duo has not only booked Coachella, but announced plans to headline 40 festivals this year alone.

Even though no album or new music has been confirmed, I think we should all take the time to prepare  by following these few steps.

Visit Ms. Jackson


We made her cry real bad.

Even though its been forever – FOREVER-EVER since our first apology, it’s imperative that things are fully patched up before the summer.

Apologize another trillion times.

Side note: Did you know that the actual Ms. Jackson is Erykah Badu’s mom?

Just discovered that tonight.

Mind. Blown.

Get to Know Big Boi


2006 was the last time Outkast released an album.

We’ve never gotten an Andre album,

But Big Boi has released 2 albums since.

They’re not classics, but they’re good fillers if your dying to for at least half of the ATLiens.

Plus, both are slammed with some great features.

Admit That ‘Hey Ya’ will always slay


This song is an actual classic.

We haven’t had many these past two decades.

Treasure it.



Is there anyone worse than Caroline?

She’s still walking around with her golden calculator and her nose high in the air.

As fine as she may be, WE DON’T NEED HER.

But this song needs to be on daily repeat.

Don’t Listen to Idlewild 


We all make mistakes.

It’s ok.

Finally Decide if your Team Speakerboxxx or Team The Love Below


This is a true example of a double album done right.

A double album is so massive that it’s usually impossible to get both discs done well – but both were.

Why not pass the time and pick a favorite?

This is essentially picking a favorite between Big Boi and Andre, which most people look down upon.

“They’re a team!” “Don’t pick sides!” “Think of Ms. Jackson”- they say.

Go against the current, pick a side.



Listen to ‘The Whole World’


Even though it’s a close call,

(I see you ‘Roses’, You too ‘ATLiens’)

‘The Whole World’ has to be my favorite track from the duo.

There are some songs where I remember exactly where I was when I first heard them.

I was sitting in the back of my Aunt’s van when I first heard the song. It peaked my interest in rap, which lead me exploring music that was outside of the typical pop mold.

The song will always hold that memory for me, just like Outkast will always be the first alternative music that I ever could call my own.

(with millions of others)




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