‘Timber’ Spend Another Week At Number 1; Brace for Impact


Being a man of high musical taste is hard sometimes.

And with that burden comes an unruly amount of judgement.

*Turns on ‘The Other Side’*

Here’s the thing, I obviously like generic popular music and I’m not ashamed. Never have been.

It’s popular for a reason. And if you want to sit on a high horse and pretend that a perfectly written hook isn’t one of the best things in the world, than so be it. A good song transcends genres and artists.

But I have to draw the line somewhere, and ‘Timber’ is that line.


Actually Pitbull is. He is the king of being late to the party and still rules the airwaves while doing so.

I can’t knock the guy for it; But I can just complain how he rides the coat tails of every trend and still wins.

Current example: ‘Timber’

Previous Examples: ‘Feel This Moment’, ‘Hotel Room’, ‘Krazy’, ect.

Can someone please explain this song to me? Because not only does it contain a previously unreached amount of basic, but it completely jacks the sound of ‘Wake Me Up’ only a few weeks after it ruled the airwaves.

Sure, the chorus is good. Ke$ha yodels a little bit – very Shakira, but Pitbull’s verses are the same thing we’ve heard time and time again.

It’s one thing to be generic, it’s another to never grow as an artist.

9 albums in and we still hear Cuban influenced Pitbull or current dance hit Pitbull. No lyrics or themes of substance. EVER. Just songs to play in the background of a freshman college party.

I’d be lying if I’d say that I’m surprised that it’s number 1. The thing about American music is sometimes we get it really right, but most of the time it’s horrible wrong.

The true burden of being a 21st Century American.

For example, who would’ve thought that ‘Royals’ would hit number 1. A pleasant surprise considering how against the top 40 current it sounded, but ‘Royals’ was followed by ‘The Monster’ then ‘Timber’.



End of the day if you like that song that’s great. Swing your partner round and round. Yell timber when your dancing. THIS IS YOUR RIGHT.

But Pitbull’s popularity will always be a mystery to me, and I hope it stays that way.


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