The Academy Loves Pharrell Too


Super producer and #ForeverYoungHuman Pharrell has just been nominated for an Oscar.

After dominating the radio for all of 2013 with his massive producing comeback, the man has just slayed the academy with his upbeat ‘Happy’.

The song has been creeping up the itunes chart for the past 3 weeks and skyrocketed to number 6 this morning after the nominations were announced. Usher was last seen throwing demos at a wall and pushing his album back to 2017.


For someone as talented as Pharrell the nomination doesn’t come as a shocking surprise, but a pleasant one. The nomination only caps off his epic 2013.

‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Blurred Lines’ were two of the years biggest songs, and both can be attributed to him. Lets face it Robin Thicke, you owe Pharrell the biggest thank you of your career. No one was checking for you. Even at the VMA’s no one was checking for you. It was all about THAT BEAT.

Pharrell has always been quietly producing. I shouldn’t have called it a comeback because he never stopped. More like a reminder that he can change radio with the snap of his fingers.

I hope everyone else is diggin’ this 70’s retro vibe.

Because honestly, anything that reminds me of the era that brought ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’  is fine by me.

I soul trained at my wedding, and I will soul train at yours.


‘Happy’ may not be as catchy as ‘Get Lucky’, or in your face like ‘Blurred Lines’, but it’s a perfectly executed song. Strong melody, breezy hook, bumping beat.

His falsetto happy will be stuck in your head all day and everyone loves a good clap lead break down.

I have to admit, I was sleeping on the chances of it being recognized by the Academy. After I thought about it, post-nomination, it mades sense. Every few years we get those surprise urban wins.


I think that Pharrell has a shot of having his own Three 6 Mafia moment, which means he has to carry his oscar around everywhere as well.Three6Mafia_WEB

Even if he doesn’t win, this is just the start of another perfect year.

It’s already been confirmed that he has signed to Columbia, and that ‘Happy’ will be featured on his new album. If his recent work with Beyonce is any indication, Pharrell’s got even more tricks up his sleeve.

Do you feel like a room with no roof after all this?!?!?


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