Jiggle Dem Keys: DK is Back


There’s something nostalgic when a group reunites.

It brings you right back to the time in your life when they were on top. I was wearing a conch shell necklace, braces, and a Hollister polo when Danity Kane first hit the scene.

*No Photographic Evidence Available*

It was the summer of 2006, right before my junior year when their first album dropped. Excluding the first season, I was an avid viewer of all the Making The Band shows. I watched Diddy be Diddy and ruin the careers of dozens of hopefuls, then sign them only to ruin their careers some more.

Out of all the groups Danity Kane was different though.


It sounds cliche, but the group had something special about them. They worked with the biggest producers in the industry (Timbaland, Scott Storch, Jim Jonsin) but their music always felt ahead of it’s time. Especially their second album Welcome to the Doll House.

It was an electro-fused, harmony ridden statement of where pop music was heading. With songs crafted by the near perfect Danja, the girls lead us on a futuristic ride that still beats anything copying its sound today.

Out of all of the groups from the show, Danity Kane was the only one who actually found success, and their albums prove why.

But Diddy, who’s never been able to mold a career-post Biggie, broke them up for the ratings on the last season finale, taking away the most promising girl group in years.


But 2013 brought the unexpected news of a reunion, sans Diddy and D. Woods.

D. Woods, regret is real.

After their first public return at last years VMA’s, fans waited and waited for new music. ‘Rage’ was announced as the first single. News of a new reality show broke. ‘All in a Days Work’ was performed live in LA, but no high quality released recording.

We were damaged, sitting with the lights out.

Then ‘Bye Baby’ hits the web last night.

The song is the first look into what the future for the group looks like, and it’s looking good. Packed with a slick guitar riff and a horn section, the girls tread new territory without losing the chemistry that made them famous.

It reminds me of Little Mix if Little Mix was a thousand times better.

The song has everything we loved from before. The harmonies. Echoed Vocals in the background. Dawn.

‘Bye Baby’ is not as forward as previous releases. Considering the resurgence of real music as opposed to EDM, the song sounds very in line with the direction of today’s radio. This doesn’t defer from the fact that the girls are back and killing it all over again.

I doubt that the song will be a single. In fact, I’m certain it wont. But if this is what an album cut is going to sound like then we can rest assured that the girls can perform just fine without the guidance of a music mogul.

The real truth of the situation is that the group was mismanaged. Both albums stalled after 2 singles when each could have had 3 or 4. It’s refreshing to know that this time around they’ll receive the attention they deserve, which means the world is going have a lot more DK than ever before.

I hope your 2006 self is rejoicing.


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