Get to Know Sam Smith


The UK has a strong track record of producing insanely talented artists, especially these last few years.

After the Adele explosion of 2011/12, a flood of UK artist have attempted to cash in on her success. Artists like Jessie J and Emeli Sande both rushed to the states after huge years in the UK, but neither impacted the way that they hoped.

But I have a feel that UK’s current it boy might have a shot.

Sam Smith is the latest winner of the coveted BRIT Critic Choice award. Previous winners included Adele, and Florence+The Machine.

Sam has been bopping around the UK music scene for the past year, most notably with his feature in the Naught Boy hit ‘La La’. On top of that, he’s released multiple tracks before unveiling his first single posted above ‘Money on My Mind’.

‘Money’ is a slick falsetto track in the lane of Emeli Sande. The song explores the true reason for his talent, without being too corny. The drum lead beat sounds very UK 2013, but it’s Sam’s voice and personality that separate it.

Aside from his perfectly executed falsettooo *Dream Voice*, the lyrics in the verses stuck out to me.

“When I signed my deal//Felt nothing but pressure”

This is a far cry from the usual attitude that a debut single displays. We’re getting the fear and anticipation of not performing. We’re seeing hesitation of writing songs for other people. We’re actually seeing a person behind the music.

I’ll always appreciate an artist who displays what they actually feel, not what we think they should feel.

The chorus was actually atrocious the first time I heard it, but it’s been growing on me with each listen. It’s a risk that I think paid off in the end.

If you can’t get past the chorus, check out ‘Safe With Me’ – a beautiful voice bending ballad that has been a fan favorite. It’s a much better song than ‘Money’, but it’s not the first single, so #NextInLinePlease.

It’s obviously too early to tell what kind of impact Sam will have. I could honestly see it going both ways. I thought that Emeli would follow in the footsteps of Adele, until I realized that there is only one Adele and that’s all that American wants at the moment.


We still have room for a male counter part I assume, so Sam, this could be your moment.

Don’t Jessie J on us.


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