Grammy Week: Best New Artist


Sunday night will host the 74th Grammys, which means there are going to be a whole bunch of pressed people going into Monday morning.

The Grammys are the biggest night in music. Whether or not they mean anything during this new age of music is neither here nor there. The history of the award is enough to make any artist want one.

If you’ve ever entered any online music forum, you’ll know that stans use Grammys as bullets.


Team_Breezy_Rox: Nice try Usher, Chris did it first #Yeahx3 #UsherFlop #Deuces

UsherWyfe33: Sorry, he 2 busy counting his 8 grammys #UMad #1GrammyChris #RihannaNavy

You see? It means something!

The Big 4 – Best Album, Best Song, Best Record, and Best New Artist – have always been the most coveted awards. With 4 days left until the big show, why not take a category to predict each day.

I’ll split my predictions up into four sections – Should Win, Will Win, LOL, and Should’ve Been Nominated. The last one will highlight some of the horrible snubs that occurred. Justice will always prevail on Theezy Knows Best.

Tonight’s victim: Best New Artist

Should Win: Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

Hands down the best rap album of the past voting season. Hands down the best rapper of the past 10 years.

Kendrick is a lyrical genius, and brought us through the streets of Compton like no one else could. The way he laid his story out through music is something rap has been missing. His debut was reminiscent of Nas and Jay. He had something to say and came out of the gate swinging.

His charisma and character have won over fans from every genre, and his boldness made the headlines.

He brought competitiveness back into hip-hop. He challenged every rapper to set their game up. He crowned himself the king of New York and he’s not even from here.

Kendrick made rap interesting again, and he should be thanked for it.

Will Win: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis


The little engine that could story will be complete with each Grammy the duo picks up on Sunday.

Most of the time commercial success doesn’t always translate into Grammy success, but their story of climbing to the top with independent label support should topple that.

The Seattle duo has been on the grind for years, but it wasn’t until the massive ‘Thrift Shop’ that everyone started to notice. Aside from hitting number 1 twice this year, their top 10 hit ‘Same Love’ has been nominated for song of the year.

Macklemore is a rapper with a mission that goes beyond his songs, and voters have always seemed to like that. ‘Same Love’ made headlines, and his active voice was heard at every award show. It doesn’t hurt that their album was one of the years most beloved and that they beat the one hit wonder curse.

Their win makes the most sense. Millions have fallen in love with them, and millions are rooting for them.

LOL: Ed Sheeran


A lot of websites have him pegged for the win, but the nomination is a complete bust. I mean, I guess it is cool that he got nominated for rehashing the same song over and over on his album.

He is talented. He writes his own songs; These are things that I can’t deny. I also can’t deny that his music is some of the most boring and basic of the past two years.


Should Have Been Nominated: Lorde


I mean….


But real talk, how was she not nominated? It literally makes as much sense as being called innovative.

This is the perfect moment to show how the Grammys really don’t make sense. The girl is nominated for Best Song, Record and Pop Album, but the line is drawn at Best New Artist.

How is it even possible to be snubbed in this category?

To top it off, the 17 year old has been the most refreshing face of pop this year. ‘Royals’ was different territory for top 40 radio. Lorde stuck out in the radio this year in a brilliant way.

But snubbed none the less.

My response:



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