Grammy Week: Record of the Year


One of the biggest confusions about the Grammys has been the difference between Song and Record of the year. The Grammy website explains it best:

The Record Of The Year category recognizes the artist’s performance as well as the overall contributions of the producer(s), recording engineer(s) and/or mixer(s) if other than the artist. The Song Of The Year category recognizes the songwriter(s).

Translation: 97% of today’s singers can only be nominated in this category because they don’t write any of their music.

In recent years there has been a different winner in each category. For example, last year Record of the Year went to ‘Somebody That I Use To Know’ and Song of the Year went to ‘We Are Young’. Both great tracks, but neither was deserving of the other award.

I like when the Grammys spread the love and I think they will this year too.

Should Win: Get Lucky


Pharrell + Daft Punk + Disco =


Aside from the fact that this was my 2013 jam, the song did everything right.

Perfect melody. Catchy guitar. Muddled machine vocals. Pharrell falsetto.

The song mixed everything good from the 70’s with everything good from today. We already know how much Pharrell loves the 70’s, so this wasn’t a surprise from him. Daft Punk were the ones who surprised us. The song steered clear of the EDM sound that we were expecting from the duo. They kept it fresh with this track.

‘Get Lucky’ is also Daft Punk’s biggest hit to date. It also helps that this was their major comeback moment and they did not disappoint. They have always been a Grammy favorite, so I would be too surprised if they pulled this one out.

After all, they should.

Will Win: Blurred Lines


I have strong thoughts on ‘Blurred Lines’ as a song lyrically; Here are some – basic, annoying, problematic, lazy, misogynistic.  I’ll have to look past them since this award isn’t for the songwriting. So I will.

The production was perfected executed here. Pharrell really shined on the track, just like he did on everything else he was nominated for this year. Their was a perfect blend between the beat and the vocals. One did not overpower the other.

Let’s not forget the hey-hey-hey‘s or the falsetto oh‘s that sprinkled the song.

I wouldn’t expect anything else walking away with the trophy since the song dominated everything. The radio was playing it non-stop. Every station. Every minute.


The song was literally untouchable this summer. Even ‘Get Lucky’ has to surrender to its power by sitting behind the song at number 2 for a total of five weeks.

If they accept the award lets just hope Robin isn’t dressed like Beetle Juice or talk how he’s running the game. If this song did anything, it turned Robin Thicke into one of the most obnoxious artists on the face of the earth. You are not running the R&B and you are certainly not running the game, Robin.

*Blurred Lines Yeah Run*



Out of all the big four categories this was actually the strongest. It’s the only one where all five nominations make sense to me, so I would feel wrong if I picked an LOL today.

Bruno’s homage to the Police with ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ and Lorde’s bass heavy ‘Royals’ were highlights on the radio. They were refreshing among the rolling EDM sea. Even ‘Radioactive’, which is beyond overplayed, deserved every ounce of a nomination.

I can’t pick any of these because for once, the category was well crafted.

Don’t worry we got some good LOL’s coming up in the next two days.

Should’ve Been Nominated: Thrift Shop


I swear I’m not a Macklemore stan.

Really. I know that I showed them love yesterday, but hear me out on this one.

This beat is ***flawless.


Seriously. The dog bark. The horns. The little girl at the end. The song was the biggest ear worm of the year. Ryan Lewis not only showed his tact on the tract, but separated himself from the ever charismatic Macklemore.

The song was also the number 1 song of 2013.

I’m not losing any sleep over the snub. It’s not mind blowing like the Lorde snub from yesterday. It’s just funny that the boys hit 3 of the big 4. A sweep would have made the most sense here.

They’ll leave big winners anyway, so no biggie right?


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