Grammy Week: R&B Categories


It would take me weeks to extensively write about each category the way that I have for the big four. Considering that most of the categories aren’t televised, I wanted to focus the most on those.

The truth of the matter is that the Grammys have 30 fields with 82 categories in each.

I don’t check for each category, but there are a few I  like predict.

R&B, otherwise know as Rhythm & Blues or MY LIFE, has always been my genre. It’s the music I get the most excited for, which means its the category I feel the most passionate about.

The winners are announced before the show and are posted before also. This translates into me opening my computer and screaming because all of my musical angels have lost.

With that, lets predicts this years winners with the goal of seeing how mad I’m going to be 8:00 Sunday night.

I’m going to switch up my predicating system here and dish it to you all list style, interjecting when I feel necessary.



Best R&B Performance

Should Win: How Many Drinks – Miguel Feat. Kendrick Lamar

Will Win: Best of Me – Anthony Hamilton

LOL: Love and War – Tamar Braxton

Should’ve Been Nominated: V.S.O.P. – K. Michelle

[K. Michelle deserved this one. Her vocal performance was outstanding on the track. I don’t watch Love and Hip Hop, so I was ready to write her off as a simple reality singer, but she won me over this this track. She was dripping with passion, and her ability to translate that on record should have been rewarded]


Best Traditional R&B Performance

Should Win: Get It Right – Fantasia

Will Win: Hey Laura – Gregory Porter 

LOL: *Cop Out Alert* They all deserved it

Should’ve Been Nominated: All of Me – John Legend

[John, we’re all shaking our head at this one]


Best R&B Song

Should Win: Pusher Love Girl – Justin Timberlake

Will Win: Pusher Love Girl – Justin Timberlake

LOL: Love and War – Tamar Braxton

Should’ve Been Nominated: Primetime – Janelle Monae feat. Miguel

[‘Pusher Love Girl’ was one of the high moments in a very dull Justin Timberlake campaign. I was surprised the song got the nomination, especially since ‘Mirrors’ was so big. I’m glad though. This was one of the tracks that reminded us how good Justin is when he’s on point. More of this next time around.]

[And ‘Primetime’s snub???? WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?]


Best Urban Contemporary Album

Should Win: Side Effects of You – Fantasia 

Will Win: Side Effects of You – Fantasia

LOL: Love and War – Tamar Braxton

[HOLD UP. How did Tamar Braxton become a legitimate R&B artist? Aside from that fact that her voice is weak and material soul less, I can’t get over the fact that she was shoved down our throats as the next best thing. I don’t want to be told who to listen to. I don’t to be told that an artist is someone to watch for, unless they actually are. Tamar isn’t, which makes all of her Grammy nods a clear LOL]

Should’ve Been Nominated: The Electric Lady – Janelle Monae


Best R&B Album

Should Win: Love in the Future – John Legend

Will Win: Better – Chrisette Michele

LOL: Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys

Should’ve Been Nominated: Rebellious Soul – K. Michelle


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