Grammy Week: Song of the Year


I think it’s safe to say that Song of the Year is my favorite category of the show.

Songs are embedded in everything we do. If you’re like me your brain functions only in songs, with lyrics randomly spewing out to express your emotions and lack of words.

Song of the Year has also been the most consistent in deserving winners. It hasn’t failed me before like Album of the Year.


Slowly closing my computer as I watched as the thief of joy and purity rose to accept the award. I slumped back in my dorms sky blue couch as Taylor Swift destroyed the American dream and won Album of the Year for the most basic album in Grammy history. #NothingWasTheSame

But you’ve never let me down, Song of the Year. So let’s keep the momentum going.

Should Win: Get Lucky – Daft Punk feat. Pharrell


What could I possible say today that I didn’t say yesterday?

‘Get Lucky’ was the comeback single we all wanted. Since the moment the retro commercial hit NBC the nation was hooked.

Ultimately the ‘Blurred Lines’ beat will win the song Record of the Year, but ‘Get Lucky’ should and will walk away with Song of the Year.

It’s the legend of the phoenix, guys!


Can we take a moment to recognize the perfection that is the bridge?

“We’ve come to far/ To give up/ Who we are/”

That low register into high. The long held note of stars. It’s all crafted with such precision that it slips into your brain and doesn’t leave for hours.

Melodically the song shines among the group. Lyrically it’s one of the best. Short, simple, sweet. ‘Get Lucky’ wasn’t trying to be anything but a good song, and for that alone it should win.

This was everything 2013 needed.

Will Win: Get Lucky – Daft Punk feat. Pharrell

Honestly, this is the one to beat.

LOL: Roar – Katy Perry
Wait, so let me get this straight, Roar got nominated for copying a song released a few months prior and it’s cool right?

Listen I get the Katy Perry disease (HAVE YOU HEARD DARK HORSE?) but this is just ludicrous.

‘Roar’ was the most blatant copy of a song that I have ever heard. If you don’t believe me, or have ears, then why did ‘Brave’ by Sara Bareilles race up the charts when ‘Roar’ came out? Because everyone wanted to hear the original song Katy was now barking over.

Sara is the last one laughing. Homegirl got a commercial out of the thievery.

I think most people were shocked that Katy could get away with it, but if anyone could it’s her. *AND HONESTLYYYYYYYYYYY* Sara could probably sue Katy and wine, but after all the money she’s made she should probably kiss her feet.

Should’ve Been Nominated: Stay – Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko
Ok, listen, the award wouldn’t even be going to Rihanna so I can’t get accused of stanning right now.

*Funny your the broken one, but I’m the only one who wasn’t stanning*

As a song, it was one of the most beautifully written of the year. Mikky Ekko has a true talent of story telling through melody. Rihanna was lucky to pick the song up.

There were a lot of ballads that came out on the radio in 2013. With the exception of ‘Wrecking Ball’, ‘Stay’ was the strongest one released and had the longest staying power.

I wasn’t the only one who thought that the song would be popping up on the nominations list. ‘Stay’ made multiple prediction lists, and I honestly was a little shocked when it wasn’t announced.

Obviously it’s a shame for Mikky who was been quiet after the song faded from the radio. This could have been his moment, and it’s a shame that other artist haven’t reached out to him to write for them. Rih likes to work with the same collaborators for an album or two, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote for her again.

Until then-



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