Grammys: Live blog


It’s finally here!

The 2014 Grammy’s are here and I’ll be with you moment by moment.

Live blog after the jump.Let’s get it!


8:00 – Show Starts

8:01 – Drunk in Love – first live performance of the Beyonce era

8:03 – Vocally killing it the way only Beyonce could

8:04 –


8:05 – Jay is too good. Literally slays everything. Also, saving this performance I think.

8:06 – If you don’t believe in love just watch these two

*Taylor Swift Please Sit Down*

8:07 – I met LL at Urban before – lol

 8:08 – Someone please explain to be how Taylor is an inspiration for young women?

8: 11 – First award – and Pharrell’s Indiana Jones


8: 13 – First award of the night, Best New Artist – looks like their getting things done quickly tonight

8:13 – Winner is Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Just like I predicted, but Kendrick, I wanted there to be #poeticjustice tonight. I’m sorry.

8:14  – *Cue Social Justice*

8:16 – Enter in Lorde

8: 19 – Vocally great – body twitching could’ve done without

8:25 – This show right now – Hunter’s singing about social outcast horribly

kendrick perkins sad meme

8:27 – Guys, this has gone on too long. These vocals are beyond horrible. HELP US.

8:29 – Best Pop Duo/Collaboration goes too – Get Lucky!

8:30 – Zero complaints. Well deserved.

8:32 – HOW DID I FORGET THAT JUICY J WON AN OSCAR – also ‘Dark Horse’ slays as a song

8:33 – I can’t wait to see how embarrassing this turns out to be

8:34 – THE SNAPS THE SNAPS – this couldn’t have been any worse better


8:36 – How much of a AHS: Coven stan is Katy?

8:36 – This is the moment everyone will talk about for the most ironic reasons


*Burn Katy, Burn*

8:42 – Obligatory ‘Blurred Lines’ performance – how hype is Robin?

8:45 – As much as I dislike him this era, Robin can SING.

8:48 – Obligatory country performance – AND BATHROOM BREAK!

8:51 – #AmericanIdol4Life

8:52 – Thanks Taylor for being great to the FANS! THEY NEED YOU!

8:58 – John Legend is literally a legend

8:59 – Can we take a moment for John’s voice to set in?

9:01 – spiderman_crying

9:01 – But seriously, that’s how you do it.


9:03 – Best Rock Song goes to Paul McCartney #Legend – we didn’t expect less

9:04 – I don’t think I can comment on someone who does “so much so well”

9:06 – Years in and Taylors voice is still less than basic



9:09 – Honestly, I’m not mad at Taylor. More America for turning her into the monster she is. She’s a talented girl, but America has turned her into a phenomenon and she’s not.

9:16 – Ok, so vocally Pink slays and so does Nate. I’m ready.

9:17 – We’ve seen this performance before, but seriously those vocals are killing. How does she sing like that?

9:18 – Thinks of the soccer moms right now

twtp-presents-soccer-moms 2



9:21 – Ok #MiddleAgedWhiteAnthem of the year, but vocally they are slaying. Nate can cool it a little bit with those high notes.

9:22 – SO READY for new Miguel music

9:23 – Best Pop Vocal Performance goes to LORDE

9:24 – Well deserved. Extremely surprised. Short, sweet speech.

9:31 – Obligatory actual legend performance

9:35 – Jay and Yonce – always nice to see you

9:37 – Best Rap/Sung Collaboration goes to……Holy Grail Jay-Z feat. Justin Timberlake


9:38 – Jay calling out Blu in his award – how is Jay the best at everything?

9:44 – Kendrick, prove the voters that they were wrong to shun you

9:45 – Quick questions, are these the only two songs that Imagine Dragons have?


9:47 – Beyonce thank you for bouncing better than Taylor trying her hardest dancing.

9:48 – Wait, this mash-up is slaying me – like I’m real hype right now


9:50 – Best performance of the night after John Legend of course

9:51 – Follow your arrow with christmas lights boots

9:53 – What is Charlie Wilson thinking right now?

10:00 – The Beatles have to always be remembered what they did. Nothing would have been the same if they didn’t dominate. Respect your elders.

10:05 – I’m still showing respect, but remember when Ringo did karaoke a few minutes back?

10:01 – And with that, Sir Paul McCartney

10:06 – Pharrell Producer of the year – yes

10:06 – Best Pop Vocal album goes to…..Unorthodox Jukebox – Bruno Mars

10:09 – Not mad about it. Also, wondering if this will effect the results for Album of the Year. Bruno’s chances just got a lot stronger.

10:10 – Blake Shelton#VoicePromo

10:16 – Obligatory country-old-school-meets-new-school

10:19 – Killin’ it Willie and co.


10:21 – Best Country album goes to……Same Trailer, Different Park

10:22 – Taylor Swift and her bogus pop country album lost


10:24 – Waiting all night for this – Daft Punk – Pharrell, kill it

10:25 – New Hat

10:26 – Wait, Pharrell, what’s going on


10:27 – Stevie I have tears in my eyes, you’re slaying it all

10:28 – Pharrell is so flat, I can’t believe it. Stevie you saved this for me.



10:36 – images

10:37 – I like when artist get the chance to sing with their favorite artists. Watching the stanning in Sara’s eyes is real right now. But HONESTLYYYYYYYYYY retire the song.

10:39 – Sara sounds awesome right now.

10:40 – SEE – STAN!

10:41 – Song of the Year goes to……..Royals

10:42 – VENT TIME: How was Lorde NOT nominated for Best New Artist? The girl just won Song of the Year and was snubbed for Best New Artist. This is the dumbest thing. Very happy with the ‘Royals’ win.

10:50 – #Hardcore Metallica

10:50 – Is this really a Grammy moment, Jared?

10:56 – King Steven killing it

10:57 – Smokey singing ‘Do It Like A Lady’


10:58 – Record of the Year goes to…..’Get Lucky’ – Daft Punk

10:58 – This means that ‘Blurred Lines’ has been blocked from all major categories. All is right.

11:00 – ‘Get Lucky’ is such a smash

11:06 – So here’s the most ‘hyped’ performance of the show tonight

11:09 – Macklemore’s dancing (i.e. the kicks) don’t get old

11:10 – Imagine if Queen Latifah married you?

11:12 – Madonna was out – she serenades the couples

11:14 – Doesn’t Usher perform at the reception? Ciara will be there too I heard!

Sidenote: That was so ridiculous and marriage should never be taken lightly, especially now.

11:18 – I’m not gonna lie, this year has been pretty basic.

11:20 – I had so many good “shocked” gifs to use, but I haven’t been moved in that direction tonight.

11:24 – How disrespectful would it be to play Young Jeezy’s ‘RIP’ here?

11:24 – Ugh, Kris Kross, why?


11:27 – American Idiot memories. Am I right?

11:33 – Just really processing how this was the first Beyonce performance that I thought was alright. Not good, not bad, just alright.

11:34 – Alright guys, Album of the Year

11:35 – John Legend won in 1982, right???

11:35 – Kendrick is so pressed.

11:35 – Random Access Memories!

11:37 – Did anyone see Taylor freak because she thought they said ‘Red’ and then got so shut down?

11:40 – NIN is on, I have work at 7 am!

11:45 –See you in 2015, Grammys.


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