Grammy Week: Wrap-Up


Time for the majah breakdown.

After a week of filling you guys with Grammy knowledge and predictions, it’s time to look back at the actual show.

It’s also time to stock up my predictions with the actual winners and see how well I did.

Spoiler alert: NOT WELL!

We’ll also acknowledge the (few) good moments of the show.

Taylor thinking she won was one of them. Especially the guys behind her.


More below:

My predictions –

Surprisingly this has been my best prediction year; sad but true. I missed most of them, but nothing left me completely shocked. That’s a win in my book.

Here is what I got right:

Best New Artist – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration – Holy Grail – Jay-Z feat. Justin Timberlake

Best Pop Album – Unorthodox Jukebox – Bruno Mars

Best R&B Song – Pusher Lover Girl – Justin Timberlake

Overall: 4 out of 16 correct

Random (Access) Highlights:

John Legends performance was the most beautiful moment of the night. Not to mention the handy camera work with catching his wife in the shot while he sang.

It was just further proof how good of a song is, and how deserving it was of a Grammy.

Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons gave us what we never thought we wanted, but always needed. Their mash-up of ‘Radioactive’ and ‘MAAD City’ wasn’t the initial eye roll I thought it would be.

And thats all because of Kendrick.

I will not accept the fact that he went home empty handed. Even though I predicted that he wouldn’t win rap album, I’m even more mad about it today.

Macklemore had plenty of moments last night – basically sweeping the rap category. Kendrick should’ve gotten his moment. Thankfully his performance said everything that needed to be said.

Kendrick’s losses have caused rage in the hip hop world today, and rightfully so. He has so many Grammy awards left to earn in his career, so even though I’m mad I’m not pressed.

The jokes literally write themselves about the Katy Perry performance. The so-bad-that-it’s-so-good performance will have Middle America twirling around broom sticks for weeks.


I see you oscar winner Juicy J.

Billboard Alert: ‘Dark Horse’ is riding to number 1 as we speak. More on that later this week.

But we have to take a moment to recognize the iconic snap:


If Grammy-Loser Swift wasn’t caught dancing to Kendrick Lamar’s performance, this would’ve have been the whitest moment of the night.

In non-performance moments, Jay-Z’s speech to Blu Ivy was everything. I love how real he and Beyonce have become since her birth. Sip that gold sippy, Blu.

Daft Punks hug after the own album of the year was the most emotional moment of the night. It’s funny how two people who say nothing can cause the biggest emotional response.


This was the moment that made the night for me. It wasn’t contrived or forced, just natural humbleness.

I could have done without so much of last nights show. Cut out at least an hour, erased a wedding and some head thrashing on a piano. But the Grammys have always been a love/hate for all viewers.

My 2015 predicting starts now: The year of Beyonce

(Excluding last nights lackluster performance)

BOOM – Grammy week out.


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