Gif Love: That’s So 2 Chainz



Two weeks ago Saturday Night Live did a skit on TV shows the featured hip-hop artist before they were famous.

Artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Rick Ross were all featured.

If you haven’t seen I would recommend it.

One of the “shows” they featured, and the best bit, was That’s So 2 Chainz.

I decided to give Disney a few reasons why they should pick up the show and allow 2 Chainz into all of our homes every week.

His family would be the best.


*Whoppi Voice* “Sit Down 2!”

He would make the cool kids and the weird kids come together as one.



Imagine the school dances.

If you can’t let me paint the picture. Just remember your middle school dance where people were awkwardly grinding to ‘Get Low’ in the gym.

Basically that with a towering man with braids.


He would be the trendsetter.

Principal included.


He wouldn’t promote sizzrup; just healthy syrup for the kids.

Very Michelle Obama Let’s Move.


Aside from his name, he already has a catch phrase.


And imagine the guest appearances:




There would be a lot of emotional scenes.

Mainly 2 Chainz pissed.


In conclusion:

(That’s so) Raven has nothing on 2.

Whoopi’s career needs a boost.

If Disney rejects, their network will fall apart.

We’re all ‘different’.

And the whole word needs some more 2 Chainz.


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