Theezy University

Back to Old School Yo


Yesterday Rutgers University made the new for announcing that they are offering a course based around Beyonce.

The class, Politicizing Beyonce, explores ideas of race, gender, and sexuality through her music.

This isn’t a revolutionary idea. Other Universities have offered courses on other artists in the past. Considering that music, in both visual and audio form, are so prevalent in today’s culture, it only makes sense to study them through social lenses.

I’m assuming that over the years more schools will start offering similar classes.

I thought I would do a civil service and help them out by creating some of the classes.

10 to be exact.

Enrollment below:

Just Hold On, We’re Depressed – A break down of Social Norms and Depression 

A look at the effects of depression and mood swings through the songs of Drake.


Copyright Infringement: The Legality of Taylor Swift’s Self Infringement

Can she be imprisoned for the musical crimes she’s committed?

How many times can one perform copyright infringement on themselves?


Purple Pane: Stain Glasswork Through The Sounds of Prince

The glass is your canvas as Prince inspires your creativity.


99 Societal Problems 

Looking through the lens of Jay-Z at societal problems. All 99 included.

Note: Women are not one.


Thrift Shop Archeology

Learning to budget and still look good.

Field excursions required.


Logging: A Life Through the Lens of Pitbull 

It’s going down! How logging effects your dalee life.

Prerequisite: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn: Hospitality


Missy Misdemeanors and Petty Crimes 202 

The implications of crime on both society and music.

Dutches not permitted in class.


Runaway Love Psych 

Assessing the lives of three individuals through song.

Perquisite Required: Mary J. Drama 104


The Emotional and Physical Connection Between Weather and Relationships

Through sunshines and rain clouds, will your relationship last?


Good Kid, BAD City?: A Walk Through Compton’s History with Kendrick Lamar

Let’s just say, things get real.



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