Month: February 2014

‘Dark Horse’ Gets A Dose Of Dawn


Dawn Richard of Danity Kane decided to put her own twist on ‘Dark Horse’ and things got real dark.

After the official video dropped last week this remix couldn’t have come at a better time. We all needed to be reminded of how good of a song this is. Not going to lie, the egyptian themed video nearly ruined the song for me. I found myself more bored by it then before, but it’s back to love now thanks to ol’ faithful (Dawn).

Produced by NoisecastleIII, the re-imagined number removes the pop elements of the song to give us some gritty trap beauty. Dawn has never done us wrong before and this time is no different.

Dubbed ‘The Unicorn Remix’, the track has been making rounds through the blogosphere since early this week.

If you’ve been sleeping on Dawn now would be the time to wake up.



Drake and Rihanna Perform ‘Take Care’ for the First Time; Love is Real


It only took 2 years for us to finally see a performance of ‘Take Care’ live with both Drake and Rihanna.

Drake brought the Bad Gal out during his tour stop in Paris on Tuesday night. Both decked in all white, the duo serenaded each other with their 2012 hit. He is currently in the European leg of his Would You Like A Tour? world tour.

The two have performed together before when Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’ was ruling the world, but we’ve never been blessed with a ‘Take Care’ performance.

This beautiful display of *Future voice* love and affection sent the Parisian crowd into a frenzy. The internet then followed, causing ‘Bad Behavior’ throughout the world.

After the performance, Drake took to instagram to post a picture of the two with the caption “PaRIH”. Naturally France has since notified United Nations of the legal name change.


The city of love has never looked so good!


New Map Reveals Favorite Artist By State; Maryland Is A Rowland Stone


Who knew the Old Line State could bump this dis?

A map revealing the favorite artist of each state has gone viral today, with tons of Facebook shares and a feature on Buzzfeed.

Created by Paul Lamere, the map uses various platforms to determine the most listened to artist of each state. It’s an awesome read if you’re curious to see his method of collecting data ->

The best part of reading any type of statistic list or map is the hilarious truth it reveals. I was just asking my friend, David, about Kelly Rowland stan’s today, only to find there’s a whole state of them.



So what we really need to do is highlight what we’ve learned, because finding out that Maryland stans for Kelly Rowland changes my whole view of Baltimore.

*When Love Takes Over*

My thoughts and the map below:


Justin’s ‘Not A Bad Thing’ Single Is A Real Thing


Remember when Jimmy Fallon declared Justin Timberlake the President of Pop during the 2013 Video Music Awards?

Well, he was right. Justin Timberlake is the best.

Ex. A




Ex. C


But his new single, ‘Not A Bad Thing’, isn’t exactly proving that. It’s the kind of song Jesse McCartney should be recording.

The 20/20 Experience era has been a real hot mess. The album has not had the impact we expected from him, especially with it being released in two parts; the idea was better than the final product. I’m a huge Justin Timberlake stan fan, but to say that this last album was a let down is an understatement.

Was it a bad album? Not exactly.

Did it flop? No – 3.2 million sold in the US

Am I being a little harsh? Probably, but this is the guy who gave us the game changing Future Sex/Love Sounds, so how could I not expect more than what was given to us?


Analyzing Pop’s Perfect Breakup


Remember when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were just two southern lovers ruling the pop world?

They were the perfect embodiment of the early 2000’s. Then suddenly it came crashing down in front of the world, leaving pop without a king & queen.

It’s funny to look back at the pictures because it was the early 2000’s and everything was ridiculous. Did you see the picture above? It’s also kind of heartbreaking when you think about all that’s happened. We’ve watched both grow into adults, with struggles and successes alike, but it’s hard not to wonder how different their lives would’ve been if things hadn’t ended. Especially Britney’s.

Bad times in musicians lives often translate into musical gold. The Justin/Britney breakup gave us two of the best breakup songs ever.

The best part is that the songs are a call and response, even if they won’t admit it. Britney recorded her song months after Justin released his. Everything from the lyrical content to the music videos pointed at each other.

Knowing what we know about their pasts make the songs even more interesting to listen and analyze 12 years later.


Weezy, Breezy, Mariah Chart Battle To Commence


Nothing like a good old stan war to start off the summer.

The first week of May is going to be the most interesting release week since J. Cole and Kanye West released their albums on the same week last June.

Chris Brown made the announcement yesterday that his #ForeverDelayed album X will be released on May 5th. This puts him on the same day that Lil Wayne releases Tha Carter V and one day before Mariah Carey releases her #JustAsForeverDelayed 14th album.

So basically we’ll have three completely different stan groups fighting for the top spot.

Lets weigh the advantages and disadvantages each artist faces in their race to number 1.

*Assuming no one delays their album, which two of the three have done*


Eminem and Rihanna Announce Joint Tour: Millions File For Bankruptcy


Ok everyone, grab the monster under you bed because everyones favorite #ForeverAngry Rapper and Bad Gal are hitting the road together.

Last night Eminem announced plans of a Joint Tour with Rihanna slated for this summer.

The tweet is as follows:

Marshall Mathers ‏@Eminem  15h

Top 26 Rihanna Smashes


Yesterday was Rihanna’s 26th birthday, which means I’m late to the party.

It also means my twitter feed was bombarded with ‘Birthday Cake’ references, though I can’t say that I minded.

So in honor of all the cake she’s given us over the years, I decided to dig through her extensive catalogue and list the top 26 songs of her career.

I’m trying to not make this a stan post, but trying to pick through her catalogue was near impossible. You really forget how she has relentlessly worked to give us 7 albums in 8 years.

You’ll find that a lot of her “hits” didn’t make the cut. Her album tracks are so good that a lot of times an era ended with the best songs not being released. So here’s to no one being pressed that ‘Disturbia’ isn’t on the list – because it’s one if her worst.

Gif Love: Missy Speaks


Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott has not released an album in nearly 9 years.

There have been random singles sprinkled through out that time, but nothing has stuck. Let’s be honest, 2008’s ‘Ching-A-Ling’ was a certified smash, and we can’t forget her appearance and production on Keyshia Cole’s ‘Let It Go’. But none of this has filled the musical void she left.

As far as album announcements, things have been quiet on the Missy front. Since her last album, Nicki Minaj has dominated the female rap arena, and Lil Kim has fallen so far from the charts you can barely see her.

But Missy has finally broke her silence about the album. What words of wisdom has she given us?

“It’s Coming”


Let us process the full quote below:


Are Your Ready For Pharrell’s G I R L?


The hat continues to show favor on us.

After months of teasing and hinting, Pharrell finally announced the release date of his new album, March 3rd.

President Obama has also announced plans for a national day of observance for the albums release. “We all have a right to be Happy” he said in today’s address to the nation.

Pharrell also announced the title of the album, G I R L.

Following the announcement all legal documents are now required to be written in T H I S  F O R M A T.

People on the New York subway system have been heard screaming GIRL since the early afternoon. Doctors are worried about the condition spreading as cases in LA and Chicago have appeared throughout the day.

With less than two weeks separating us from the album, we better hustle(*r*) and break this down.