King Bruno Slays Halftime, Breaks Records, Does Split, Etc.


Let’s keep it real.

The Super Bowl was a bust yesterday.

It was one of the most boring games I’ve ever seen. Broncos didn’t stand a chance. We all knew the Seahawks were going to win 40 minutes in and nothing was done to change that. No suspense, no thrill.

The Bronco’s had a rough day, but Bruno Mars did not.

Let’s take it back (take it back) to last September when Bruno was announced as the halftime show performer.

Calling me skeptical was an understatement. I was disappointed and confused. Bruno had always been an amazing performer, but I wasn’t sold on him carrying the halftime show. We had just seen Beyonce reunite Destiny Child and own the stage. How could he compete with that?

But last night proved that I should’ve never knocked Bruno down.


Bruno and the Chili Peppers pulled in 115 million viewers.

The not only beats Beyonce’s 110 million, but triumphs Madonnas 114 million, who held the record.

Last nights show cemented his spot at the top of the game. He beat out Madonna. How many people could actually say that?

I was honestly expecting 95-97 million. I didn’t think he’d come close to the Beyonce numbers. Granted, he pulled the Red Hot Chili Pepper card, which helped broaden the fan base. That doesn’t take away from this though. Both Beyonce and Madonna has additional guests.

Along with the Chili Peppers, he had a ***flawless setlist.

If you recall, I begged that ‘The Lazy Song’ wouldn’t be played and thankfully it wasn’t.

This automatically threw the setlist into the applaudable category. This changed the once ‘Treasure’ started, which pushed  the setlist into the slamming category.

The setlist was as followed:

‘Billionaire’, ‘Locked Out of Heaven’, ‘Treasure’, ‘Runaway Baby’, ‘Give it Away’, ‘Just The Way You Are’

As good as the setlist was, nothing really compared to the dancing.

The dancing.




Unbelievable showmanship. I think after last year everyone’s expectations were high. The split alone is praise worthy. He proved that he could own the biggest stage in the world. Which makes me wish he were the only one on it.

Ok, I hate to say it but the low point was the Chili Peppers for me.

I love the them, but their addition felt so forced. I was (almost) right about the ‘Runaway Baby’ mashup. Their entrance flowed seamlessly, but the guys only performed a song and a half then left. No interaction or collaboration with Bruno at all. They head banged and walked off the stage.

It felt cheap. They should’ve been given more time, or better yet their own show next year. This was a tack on for ratings and felt like one.

Please do not read this as shade towards them. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the greatest bands ever. I’m not angry about their appearance, I just wish it was better.


To sum it all up the show could properly be placed in the slayage category.

I was never so happy to be so wrong. Bruno exceeded every one of my expectations. I think I went from being a appreciator to a fan last night.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that the radios kill all of his songs, and overplay him to the point where I want to drive off the Brooklyn Bridge. This just means that I have realized my wrongs. He is one of the best artists in the industry right now, and truly deserved to rock the same stage Beyonce schooled last year.

Well done, Bruno. Well done.



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