Beyonce and Jay-Z ‘Surfbort’ to Number 2


For the second week, Katy Perry’s still raging with the number 1 song in the country, ‘Dark Horse’. Even though the song is a certified smash, this bizarre display probably had something to do with it-


It was impossible to knock Katy from the top spot this week. The mix between her song sales and radio play was too strong to show any signs of slowing down.  The post-Grammy sales finally impacted the charts this week, so a lot of movement in both the album and single charts was expected.

After some majah promo opening the Grammys, The Carter’s have made a huge jump into the top 10 with the Beyonce’s current single, ‘Drunk In Love’.

The song reached a new peak of number 2 today, marking Beyonce’s first trip to the top 10 since 2010. This news left a lot of people waking up in the kitchen wondering what happened.

Seriously, the last time Beyonce was in the top 10 was with Lady Gaga on ‘Telephone’.

This means that Beyonce went the whole 4 campaign without any top 10 hits. It’s not entirely surprising because she was just moving on to a better sound. 4 was her transition album; popular with the fans, unnoticeable by the public. This needed to happen to bring us to Beyonce. Her new album is a more mature, confident, and daring version of 4.

We saw her dabble with influences out of her comfort zone with 4. She started to branch out, and work with new people. For the first time in her career it seemed like Beyonce was making music for music’s sake, not the radio’s. It wasn’t about having another ‘Irreplaceable’ or ‘Single Ladies’; it was about making music that would impact. didn’t quite do it, but Beyonce did.


That’s not to say it didn’t have some smashes on it – ‘Miss You’,’End of Time’, ‘1+1’, ‘Love on Top’!

The success of ‘Drunk In Love’ is the last piece of the puzzle for the Beyonce campaign.

She already proved that an album can be released and sell over a million copies with no promo. Now she proved that an album debuted with no lead single could still produce a top 10 lead single.

Pretty hurts epic.

‘Drunk’ adds to the successful list of Beyonce and Jay collaborations. From ‘Crazy in Love’ to ‘Drunk in Love’ the duo have proven to be even better together. Anyone remember ‘Déjà Vu’?

Or ‘Upgrade You’?


Let me stop.

The real test of the song is going to be it’s staying power on the charts. Is this going to be a flash in the pan, or can we expected the song to grain around the top 10 for a while?

One things certain, Katy’s going to be riding the ‘Dark Horse’ for a while (ARE YOU READY FOR? READY FOR?), so I doubt ‘Drunk’ will make it to number 1.

But it seems like the fans want that more for Beyonce than Beyonce.

Remember, it’s not about where your songs peaks on the chart, but how it surfed there.



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