Meet Drigo, Your New Favorite Artist


There is nothing like watching an artist rise to fame.

I remember the first time I heard ‘Pon De Replay’ back in 2005. I remember when everyone thought that Rihanna would be nothing more than a one-hit wonder. I remember having a feeling about her and buying her album because I thought she could make it.

Watching her career grow into the monster that is it today taught me a lot about the industry. It showed me the satisfaction of standing behind an artist who beats the odds. It showed me that an artist you accidentally come across on a blog, or a random show could be the next big thing.

That brings us to Drigo.


For the past few years the New York native has been a youtube cover king, mashing up the likes of Maroon 5, Carly Rae Jepsen and Karmin in a blend of pop perfection. His relentless dedication to his craft has seen both his voice and viewership grow.

There are millions of artists on YouTube and millions of cover songs. What Drigo did right was consistency. He always delivered quality mash-ups or covers. Whether they were backed with full instruments or a capella  in his apartment, they were always on point. This sets him apart from the millions of YouTube one-hits wonders.

Drigo took the first big step towards solo stardom with releasing his first single ‘Through The Fire’ in 2013. This is the hardest step for any YouTube Cover artist. Look at Karmin – they rose to stardom with their Chris Brown cover, but have failed to impact Billboard in the same way. Stepping outside of the cover realm often backfires, which leads the artist crawling back into their cover comfort zone.

The most important thing for a new artist to do is create a good song. Whether it’s a song for the underground or a song for the radio, it needs to scream smash. First impressions only happen once, and for Drigo it was a good one. There’s no going back to cover zone for him.

‘Through The Fire’ is a hard-hitting pleading anthem that grabs your attention. It’s the perfect mix for a hit – substance and catchiness. The imagery of the lyrics perfectly paint the picture of a broken relationship begging to last.

It’s a classic contemporary ballad with a memorable bridge and catchy hook. This is riding a trend the right way, while separating himself with his own voice. He doesn’t sound like another Chris Brown or Trey Songz. Frankly, he probably could out-sing them both.

Let’s take a moment for that voice though.


***Flawlessly he shifts through octaves with conviction and gusto. His voice is a gift. It’s the kind of thing that separates the pros from the basics. It’s kind of voice you want to hear sing every genre.

His second single, ‘Mind Games’, followed ‘Fire’s lead showcasing his vocals once again. The trippy R&B song gives another look into his growing mind as an artist. He’s testing the waters, seeing what’s works, and doing it perfectly. The video was concept heavy, giving proper visual life to the song.

The industry is hard to break. It takes something special to really become something. Whether he’s winning Grammys in 5 years or ruling the mixtape world, one things certain, Drigos someone worth watching.

Wouldn’t you want to be a fan from the beginning?



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