The Broods Are Brooding For Free On Itunes


Things are looking pretty poppy and gloomy down undah.

After everyone’s favorite non-royal, Lorde, slayed the industry with her fresh sound, it looks like the world is ready for another wave of brooding pop music.

Cue The Broods, comprised of brother and sister Caleb and Georgia Nott. The group hails from Auckland, New Zealand, which only add’s to the Lorde connection.

The bands about to embark on some serious pop take over in 2014. With the ink still drying on their deal with Capitol Records, the duo released their debut EP, Broods EP, on January 30th. Their name has been popping up all over the blogosphere for a while now, and with the mass appeal their boasting you should probably pay attention.

Start with ‘Bridges’.


 ‘Bridges’ is currently the iTunes single of the week, which means it’s $1.29 FREE.

Here’s a life lesson, if you can download a song for free you should. The worst thing that could happen is you hating it. The iTunes store has a good track record of picking songs of the week from rising artists. If you haven’t started to follow, or download their songs of the week this is a good time to start.

‘Bridges’ is an electro-echoey song filled with harmony lead vocals and an addictive hook. It could easily fit right into a Depressed Drake playlist. It sounds like the sister song to Lorde’s ‘Ribs’, which is a good thing. The song jumps right into heartbreak on the first beat,

“Gave you a minute/when I needed an hour/Just to push it aside/ Instead of leaving it behind you”

The build of the song is brilliant because it reflects the erratic relationship being described. The mood goes from dark to light, starting with a soft piano over a steady kick drum leading into a synth orchestra. It’s the perfect way to switch into pop mode when the chorus kicks in.

‘Bridges’ has been floating around now since October of last year. The duo started to gain some steam towards the end of the 2013 and even hit Top 10 in their home country last month.

They’ve also been working with Joe Little (a.k.a the guy who produced ‘Royals’) (a.k.a Mr. I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh). Knowing that and listening to their freshly debuted EP should hold you over until their debut album drops in August.

After Lorde’s massive success I could easily see The Broods bouncing along the radio for a bit. They don’t have the R&B edge like her, but they have pop on their side. ‘Royals’ needed to be changed a bit for top 40 radio. Drums and pianos were added to the track on mainstream stations. I don’t think The Broods will run into this problem.

That being said, ‘Bridges’ won’t be the song that gets them there, but it’s a good start. In fact, there whole EP is a strong listen. It’s an indication of what’s to come, and I have enough faith in Joe Little as their producer. I don’t think he will recreate Lorde’s album with them. He’ll use the initial connection to The Broods advantage, but he’ll be able to separate their sounds. (I hope)

So download ‘Bridges’. Buy the EP.

Wouldn’t you rather be a little late to the party than reaaaaaaaal late come August?

I mean, there hasn’t been a brother sister duo this strong since Michael and Janet have us ‘Scream’ – AM I RIGHT??????



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