Pharrell’s Hat Comes For Katy’s Crown


There’s been a whole bunch of movement in the Hot 100 since last week’s surfborting incident.

Pharrell is coming for that Oscar, and now he’s coming for the top spot.

‘Happy’ jumps to the number 2 spot this week, making it the highest charting Oscar nominated song since 2002. If Pharrell’s luck continues, then hopefully it can follow the lead of  Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’, which won the Oscar and hit number 1 on the chart.

What does this mean for Katy and Juicy? Are they READY FOR, READY FOR ‘Dark Horse’ leaving the top spot?

Can Pharrell reach Titanic heights and have his own ‘My Heart Will Go On’ chart moment?


‘Happy’ is only going to get bigger in the next few weeks.

With the Oscars around the corner, the song is picking up both sales and radio steam. ‘Dark Horse’ decreased in all chart categories except radio play. It still holds a solid lead over ‘Happy’, but I wouldn’t expect that to last too much longer.

It’s not too often that Oscar songs make a splash on the Hot 100. ‘My Heart Will Go On’ was the biggest Oscar/Billboard moment, followed by Eminem as a strong runner up. What works for Pharrell is the growing interest in him as a brand. The last year saw him all over the radio, which means people are interested.

Especially with the hat. I mean, Pharrell’s hat has the biggest celebrity of the past few weeks.

Ex. A

At the Oscar Nominee Lunchpw-feature

Ex. B

At NYC Fashion Week

Oscar nominees lunch: Pharrell Williams and Sandra Bullock

Ex. C


Katy’s been dominating these last few weeks, but I think she’s going to succumb to the power of the hat. Plus, with Pharrell’s Oscar performance coming up, I think ‘Dark Horse’ doesn’t stand a chance.

Fight fire with fire, Katy.

You’re not Oscar nominated, you’ve lost that race. Don’t lost to the power of the hat.

You’ve done this before haven’t you.


Yeah, ‘Happy’ is gonna hit number 1.

By doing so it will become Pharrell’s first number 1 song as a solo artist.

According to Billboard, ‘Happy’ has now been upgraded to the lead single for his upcoming album. This has me wondering about the album’s campaign. The unexpected success of ‘Happy’ is obviously good, but could throw a wrench into the labels plan for rolling out the album.

But that’s not my problem, so give me the album early and all will be ok.

And just to update from last weeks article, Beyonce and Jay have fallen to number 8, which is better than I originally expected. The song mainly benefitted from streaming, and it significantly dropped in that category this week.

*Jay-Z Buys Hat*





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