Translating Derulo


Should I get the auto tuned name scream out now or later?

Say what you want about Jason Derulo, but the guy has some of the hardest work ethic in the industry.

Jason has never been on top of the pop food chain. Usher, Bruno, Justin, and even Trey have all ranked higher than him. He’s always been more of a minnow than a shark. More of a cub than a lion. More of a than a Pharrell.

He would have a good song, then follow it with a series of basic ones. The focus on bettering his craft got pretty serious in 2013. He was pushing his music out continually. He’s performances and showmanship went to the next level. He kind-of-sort-of moved away from the autotunes mess that he use to be. All his hard work paid off with the announcement of his third albums release date.

News of the album doesn’t only speak volumes for Jason, but the industry in general.


We are living through a true singles market. Since the arrival of iTunes, singles have dominated the industry, slowing replacing the importance of albums.

Jason’s last year is the perfect example of the negative effects of this transition.

‘The Other Side’ was released last spring as the albums “first” single. The song underperformed even with countless performances and pushes. Jason’s new album suddenly turned into an EP.

Talk Dirty Translation: No Top 10, No Album

His labels decision solidified the importance of a lead single. Albums have seen push backs before, but now albums are demoted if a single underperforms.

Look at Mariah Carey; How many singles did she need to go through before getting to this point? The fact that her current single, ‘You’re Mine’, fell out of the iTunes top 100 in less than a week can’t be good.

It wasn’t until Jason’s new single ‘Talk Dirty’ featuring 2 Chainz hit Top 10 that word of an album started to spread.  Now that the song is in the Top 3 a release date is announced less than two months before. Oh, and the albums named Talk Dirty just to remind everyone why they should buy it.

Let’s open this passport of lip stick marks and translate what we’ve learned-

+ For Jason this is all good. The label believes in him now after a year of relentless work. He deserves it.

+ Don’t underestimate the power of 2 Chainz – but his verse is 2 dumb for wordz

+ Releasing an album purely off of a singles success often backfires. (Blurred Lines anyone) How will a label create and support an era is they are quickly put together based off one song?

+ For new artists this is bad. If you don’t have runaway hits like Lorde will a label fund an album for you?

+ EPs may be the way of the future, especially if you look at how many have been released the past two years

+ Is no one going to talk about the racism in ‘Talk Dirty’?

+ How pressed is Jordin Sparks? (FYI her labels doing the same thing to her, but she keeps flopping)

Oh, and before I forget –

*autotuned scream* Jason Derulo


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