Are Your Ready For Pharrell’s G I R L?


The hat continues to show favor on us.

After months of teasing and hinting, Pharrell finally announced the release date of his new album, March 3rd.

President Obama has also announced plans for a national day of observance for the albums release. “We all have a right to be Happy” he said in today’s address to the nation.

Pharrell also announced the title of the album, G I R L.

Following the announcement all legal documents are now required to be written in T H I S  F O R M A T.

People on the New York subway system have been heard screaming GIRL since the early afternoon. Doctors are worried about the condition spreading as cases in LA and Chicago have appeared throughout the day.

With less than two weeks separating us from the album, we better hustle(*r*) and break this down.

Pharrell kind-of-sort-of pulled a Yoncè on us here. There was no warning of G I R L‘s impending arrival until this morning. After Beyonce’s huge success on the charts I had a feeling that we would be seeing more sudden releases, and this prove it. For Pharrell, there really is no better time than now.

The fact that the album drops a day after The Oscars strengthens this point. His popularity has risen so much in the last few weeks that there is no sense in waiting. Plus, his performance at the Oscars is going to be a huge platform for him. With the album showing up on iTunes a few hours after the show ends the sales are going to be tremendous.

This doesn’t feel like a knee jerk release, but a well calculated promotional plan by Columbia Records. ‘Happy’ has been building steam and preparing the public for the album for weeks now. The sudden announcement will only create more hype. Plus, an album can’t be pushed out in two weeks without the label approving of all the tracks, artwork, ideas, ect. Remember, Columbia backed Beyonce’s surprise release, they know what they’re doing.

Aside from the album title,  we know that G I R L will contain 10 tracks.

10 Tracks = no album fillers + the “I NEED MORE” feeling aka FUNK OVERLOAD.

You never want listeners to think an album is too long, but you always want them to want more.

I don’t normally talk about album artwork, but c’mon, this cover is just too good.

I’ll post it again just to remind you.

*Buys white bathrobe for family and friends*

It’s the perfect amount of ridiculous and epic. I can’t explain why, but it makes me want the album even more.

It’s been over 7 years since Pharrell dropped his first solo album, In My Mind. It was a smooth, but a forgettable listen. It didn’t have the quirkiness of N.E.R.D. and it didn’t have the hit potential of his work with other artist. It wasn’t basic, but it wasn’t good. Just, eh.

 In My Mind was Pharrell’s searching moment. He needed to see what worked and what didn’t for him solo. Until that point there was always someone sharing the spotlight with him.

Pharrell has always been an amazing producer. He has always been an amazing featured artist, but he has yet to have his moment as the lead artist. The funk wave that he is riding on is his best sound yet. I’m glad he took over 7 years between the two albums. He couldn’t have another luke warm moment. And now he won’t.


G I R L won’t only be the best work of Pharrells career, but it could be one of the years best albums.

Come March 3rd I’ll be wearing a white bathrobe and a brown hat and sipping orange juice with my headphones on.

Truth is, so will you.



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