Top 26 Rihanna Smashes


Yesterday was Rihanna’s 26th birthday, which means I’m late to the party.

It also means my twitter feed was bombarded with ‘Birthday Cake’ references, though I can’t say that I minded.

So in honor of all the cake she’s given us over the years, I decided to dig through her extensive catalogue and list the top 26 songs of her career.

I’m trying to not make this a stan post, but trying to pick through her catalogue was near impossible. You really forget how she has relentlessly worked to give us 7 albums in 8 years.

You’ll find that a lot of her “hits” didn’t make the cut. Her album tracks are so good that a lot of times an era ended with the best songs not being released. So here’s to no one being pressed that ‘Disturbia’ isn’t on the list – because it’s one if her worst.


26. Lemme Get That
25 Don’t Stop The Music 
24 Good Girl Gone Bad 
23 Rehab
22 Sell Me Candy
21 Watch N Learn


20 Loveee Song
19 Unfaithful
18  Fire Bomb
17 Drunk On Love
16 Photographs 

15  Man Down
14  Complicated 
13 Pour It Up
12 S&M 
11 Only Girl in The World

10. Pon De Replay

The beginning of it all. ‘Pon De Replay’ sounds less dated than some of her more recent dance songs, giving it more power and allure. The song was supposed to be the one hit wonder of 2005, but catapulted the start of a huge career.


09. Fading

‘Fading’ was one of the best songs on 2010’s Loud. It was an melody led mid-tempo that stood out against the rest of the album. Among the dance heavy tracklist, ‘Fading’ was a breath of fresh air.  It gave Loud a much needed quite moment and added to its brilliance.

Rihanna - Birthday Cake Lyrics

08. Birthday Cake

I mean – cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake. A gritty, 808 anthem. And it’s not even my birthday.

*claps* *lazy whine*

07. Stay

Hands down Rihanna’s best vocal performance to date. She’s never sounded better live and never recorded with such conviction. A beautifully written relational plea.

06. Umbrella 

Her first real super star moment. Also, a little love from the mentor never hurt.

*Looks at the sky*

05. Where Have You Been

This is the more adult and figured out version of ‘Don’t Stop The Music’. ‘Been’ is her best dance song, and proves that she and Calvin Harris need to collaborate again asap.

That breakdown >

04. Cold Case Love

The hidden gem of her career, ‘Love’ appeared on the criminally underrated Rated R. Considering the timing of the albums release and the message of the song, it’s one of her most personal to date. Rihanna was just finding herself as a vocalist, and ‘Love’ was one of her shining moments. Top that with incredible production, and writing credits belonging to Justin Timberlake, the song was bound to be a smash.

03. We Found Love

10 weeks at number 1 in the US. Worldwide number 1. Is there any more proof needed that even the most simple of songs can be the best? Calvin Harris really brought out the best of Rihanna and the whole world saw it.

02. What’s My Name

This is our island gal in full throttle. If you knew me in college than you know my two step move to the chorus. The song is so catchy from beginning to end that it’s hard to process.


*criss-cross* *guns/guns*


01. Diamonds 

‘Diamonds’ really falls in a different league than the rest. The sound, production, and vocals sound better than anything she’s done. Sia’s influence did wonders because what started as one of her most questioning vocal performances became one of her best. This will be one of her classic songs and sounds just like the anthem she was meant to make.


Here’s looking to more of our favorite Bad Gal in 2014.


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