Weezy, Breezy, Mariah Chart Battle To Commence


Nothing like a good old stan war to start off the summer.

The first week of May is going to be the most interesting release week since J. Cole and Kanye West released their albums on the same week last June.

Chris Brown made the announcement yesterday that his #ForeverDelayed album X will be released on May 5th. This puts him on the same day that Lil Wayne releases Tha Carter V and one day before Mariah Carey releases her #JustAsForeverDelayed 14th album.

So basically we’ll have three completely different stan groups fighting for the top spot.

Lets weigh the advantages and disadvantages each artist faces in their race to number 1.

*Assuming no one delays their album, which two of the three have done*


Chris Brown – X


+’Fine China’ is on it. And in case you don’t know ‘Fine China’ is a certified smash.

+Danja Produced on it

+ #TeamBreezy is relentless


+The album has been serially delayed. It was originally slated for last July and has been pushed back ever since

+The on-going negative press

+It’s a double disc. Technically this could go in both categories, but the odd’s are never in the favor of a double disc album. Most of the time they seem overly pretentious or muddled with meaning.


Low. Chris had a major comeback in 2011 with F.A.M.E, but dropped drastically in sales with 2012’s Fortune. Both debuted at number 1, but had a 200k difference between their first week sales. Mix that with the negative press and the lack of top 10 single, you’re looking at a rough road to number 1 for Chris.

This could all change if he releases a single that mirrors the success of ‘Look At Me Now’. Chris was still in the midst of bad press when F.A.M.E. dropped, but a good single can overcome all.


Mariah Carey – (Rumored to Change) The Art of Letting Go


+Mariah has teamed up with Jermaine Dupri a.k.a her musical soulmate

+She teamed up with Hit Boy on a song called ‘Thirsty’ [bonus points if its pronounced thirs-taye]

+She’s a comeback master


+On the single front, things aren’t looking good. The jury isn’t out on ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’, but dropping out of the itunes 100 the same week the song’s released is not a good sign. The song is still impacting radio, so it has a chance.

+No musical change. Like I’ve said before, Mariah’s problem is her stubbornness. Unless she wants to create something new and exciting, all of her singles will continue to fall down the charts.


The lowest out of the three. Her last album peaked at number 3 and tumbled down the charts. Aside from ‘Obsessed’, all of the singles off the album flopped.

After ‘#Beautiful’ didn’t hit 10 last summer,  and the recent problems with ‘You’re Mine’, it’s going to take one heck of a song to bring her back to the top 10.

I’m not even sure if the power of the lambs will be strong enough to push her to the top.


Lil Wayne – Tha Carter V


+The features. All of Wayne’s albums have been packed with solid features.

+It’s a Carter album. While some (III) are better than others (IV), none of Tha Carter albums have been bad.


+His brain is now sizzurp

+His raps are now – *Lil Wayne Mumbles*

+He may sing again


The strongest. Wayne has declined in popularity the past few years, but still has a huge following. He has been unusually quiet these past few months, which means something big is coming. 

It’s a tactic artists use time and time again. They hide in the shadows long enough for the public to miss them, then come back better than ever before.

I use better loosely.


What do you guys think?

Who’s coming out on top?


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