Justin’s ‘Not A Bad Thing’ Single Is A Real Thing


Remember when Jimmy Fallon declared Justin Timberlake the President of Pop during the 2013 Video Music Awards?

Well, he was right. Justin Timberlake is the best.

Ex. A




Ex. C


But his new single, ‘Not A Bad Thing’, isn’t exactly proving that. It’s the kind of song Jesse McCartney should be recording.

The 20/20 Experience era has been a real hot mess. The album has not had the impact we expected from him, especially with it being released in two parts; the idea was better than the final product. I’m a huge Justin Timberlake stan fan, but to say that this last album was a let down is an understatement.

Was it a bad album? Not exactly.

Did it flop? No – 3.2 million sold in the US

Am I being a little harsh? Probably, but this is the guy who gave us the game changing Future Sex/Love Sounds, so how could I not expect more than what was given to us?


‘Not A Bad Thing’ follows ‘TKO’ as the third single from The 20/20 Experience Part 2 of 2. So far none of the singles released from Part 2 of 2 were able to make a significant impact on the charts. It’s funny considering how huge ‘Mirrors’ and ‘Suit and Tie’ were last year.

‘Not A Bad Thing’ has been on iTunes since September, but had a hidden song attached to it causing it to run 11 minutes. It’s your average guitar lead pop song, with Timbaland’s signature drums underneath. The song has been repackaged in single form today for iTunes, complete with a tumblr ready cover. He even performed the song on Jimmy Fallon the other night.

I can’t see ‘Not A Bad Thing’ changing the Part 2 of 2 singles run. It’s really meant to be an album track and it should’ve stayed that way. It stood out more when it closed the album, but as a stand alone track it’s easier to see its flaws.

The “people make promises” section is pretty good. If the whole song sounded a little more like it, I’d probably be more inclined to be happy about the single choice. Aside from that, it’s a real basic pop song. Like the kind of song that would be in a bad movie preview.


I’m sensing a little shade. I’m not throwing shade. I can’t do that with Justin, but if a song is generic I’m going to say it. And this is generic in a bad way.

The truth is that I wanted another FutureSex/LoveSounds and didn’t get it. I haven’t been salty this whole era though. ‘Suit and Tie’ was everything to me, and even thought I was apprehensive at first, I really loved ‘Mirrors’. As a whole, I thought that Part 1 of 2 was well put together. Besides, it gave us ‘Blue Ocean Floor’, so no complaints there.

It all changed when Part 2 of 2 came out. It just felt tacked on and leftover to me. ‘TKO’ was clearly a leftover from FutureSex like most of the other songs. I’m just ready for the era to end and to move onto the next one.

There’s a real simple solution though – release ‘Strawberry Bubblegum’ and we’ll call the whole thing even.

Let me know what you think of the song below.


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