New Map Reveals Favorite Artist By State; Maryland Is A Rowland Stone


Who knew the Old Line State could bump this dis?

A map revealing the favorite artist of each state has gone viral today, with tons of Facebook shares and a feature on Buzzfeed.

Created by Paul Lamere, the map uses various platforms to determine the most listened to artist of each state. It’s an awesome read if you’re curious to see his method of collecting data ->

The best part of reading any type of statistic list or map is the hilarious truth it reveals. I was just asking my friend, David, about Kelly Rowland stan’s today, only to find there’s a whole state of them.



So what we really need to do is highlight what we’ve learned, because finding out that Maryland stans for Kelly Rowland changes my whole view of Baltimore.

*When Love Takes Over*

My thoughts and the map below:


I was really surprised to see which artists made the cut, and which didn’t. The map is full of hit makers, but also some flops. Our country would be nothing without the flops though. I can’t go through every state, but a few of them stuck out to me. For example,

Connecticut loves David Guetta, confirming the basic nature of the state as a whole.

Tennessee, bands making you dance?

This just in, millions of Nevadians enter hospital after attempting the matrix.


Nevada Governor, Ciara, released a statement earlier today stating, “I apologize for treating this state as a ‘Body Party’. It’s time to start some ‘Work'”

I realized today that I must move to North Carolina to be with my people, Miguelians. THEY KNOW WHAT IT IS.

Is anyone else picturing a cabin in Alaska after reading the map? If not let me help – the lights are low, a cigarette is burning in the ash tray with Ginger Kwan playing. All is calm…..for now.

Can you hear the faint sounds of “ugh” in the background? Yeah, that’s just Florida doing their RRRD (Rick Ross Rain Dance)


West Virginia, it’s 6AM (and also 2014) time to let Matchbox 20 go. #90sForever

South Dakota’s still listening to ‘Lips Of An Angel’, serving some eternal 2005 realness.

With Future’s auto-tuned domination of Georgia and Ciara governing Nevada, does this make them music new power couple?


*Akon Voice* Michigan and Young Jeezayyy

New York rolls with James Blake. Eh, at least we’re not B.o.B. – I see you Iowa!


On a different and serious note, I was pleasantly surprised to see South Carolina with Hillsong United on the list. How refreshing was it to see a Christian worship band on the list?

It’s sad that this ‘surprised’ me, but I love it and so encouraged by it. As far as Christian music goes, Hillsong has been a major seller. Just really cool to see them sprinkled on this list.

Kudos SC.



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