Drake and Rihanna Perform ‘Take Care’ for the First Time; Love is Real


It only took 2 years for us to finally see a performance of ‘Take Care’ live with both Drake and Rihanna.

Drake brought the Bad Gal out during his tour stop in Paris on Tuesday night. Both decked in all white, the duo serenaded each other with their 2012 hit. He is currently in the European leg of his Would You Like A Tour? world tour.

The two have performed together before when Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’ was ruling the world, but we’ve never been blessed with a ‘Take Care’ performance.

This beautiful display of *Future voice* love and affection sent the Parisian crowd into a frenzy. The internet then followed, causing ‘Bad Behavior’ throughout the world.

After the performance, Drake took to instagram to post a picture of the two with the caption “PaRIH”. Naturally France has since notified United Nations of the legal name change.


The city of love has never looked so good!

I had forgotten how good of a song ‘Take Care’ was. Everything from the chorus to the sample was perfect. Take Care as an album was a let down for me, but this song was its shining moment.

Can’t forget ‘Doing It Wrong’ though. What a song. Thank you Stevie #ForeverGrateful.


Aside from performing ‘Take Care’, Rihanna broke into ‘Pour It Up’, which caused Drake to dance all over the stage.

Their performances proved a few things to me:

+Their love will last – do you see the way they looked at each other when they sing?

+We need another collaboration, both were fire and the world is asking for one

+They have a signature “dance”

*Grind – Step – Grind – Step*

I could honestly care less about what celebrities do in their personal lives as long as they deliver good music. But everytime Drake and Rihanna unite the world becomes a better place. So I think it’s best for them to stick together and make a joint album. Then give Blu Ivy a cousin to play with.


Watch the videos below and believe in love:

‘Pour It Up’ feat. Drake’s Dancing


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