10 Album Tracks You Need To Hear


I’m giving you guys some gold today, so you’re welcome in advance.

A good album usually has its best moments hidden within the tracklist, The worst part of the industry being so single focused at the moment is that these great songs get left behind. The general public tends to miss out on the real quality because buying an album is more of a stan action than a casual listener.

It’s just sad when you realize how many perfect songs are being left in the dust.

You guys should all start buying albums.

[End of Rant]

I’m gonna do you all a favor and serve you some of the classics that you may have never heard.

The thing is I could probably give you dozens of these lists I had to, so maybe I’ll pop by and do this again. Either way, I just blessed your ipod with 25 song.

*In no particular order*

1. ‘Toy Solider’ – Keri Hilson

Album: No Boys Allowed


2. ‘Up Up & Away’ – Kid Cudi

Album: Man on the Moon: The End of Day


3. ‘Nikki’ – The Dream 

Album: Love/Hate


4. ‘Street Lights’ – Kanye West

Album: 808’s and Heartbreak


5. ‘Unusual You’ – Britney Spears

Album: Circus


6. ‘Don’t Look Back’ – Miguel

Album: Kaleidoscope Dream


7. ‘Roses’ – Kanye West

Album: Late Registration


8. ‘Doing It Wrong’ feat. Stevie Wonder – Drake

Album: Take Care


9. ‘Strawberry Bubblegum’ – Justin Timberlake

Album: The 20/20 Experience 


10. ‘Street Love’ – Lloyd

Album: Street Love




  1. I’m about to sound like a Britney stan:
    1) So happy you mentioned B girl with Unusual You
    2) Toy Solider of Blackout > Keri bb’s Toy Soldier

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