Where is Keri Hilson?


If someone, anyone has any information, please call 1-800-YOU-DOWN.

It’s been more than 3 years since Miss Keri Baybay has been pretty girl rocking on the radio. No Boys Allowed was released in December of 2010, leaving the world Keriless since then. We’ve seen major rises and falls in the industry since then, but where’s Keri?!?

There have been rumors of an African-inspired third album, but those are nothing more than rumors. She’s been spotted a few times, but her lack of presence has thousands worried. For all the stans out there, a quick reference, where did she go?

We need to find her and throw her into a studio asap.

Here are some ideas of where she could be:

Locked in Blu Ivy’s Pack and Play

Knocked Down in a Ditch

Captured by her stans


In love with a ‘Toy Solider’

Still in the desert with Nelly

Feeling real ‘Alienated’ at Beyonces The Mrs.Carter Show

Ciara’s Baby Shower

Staring at the gold plaque of In A Perfect World…

Doing the Missing Girl Rock

Not in Timbaland or Polow’s Studio. 

With all the slack that Keri gets, both of her albums have been straight quality. It’s a shame because she has a great voice and full persona, but none of that has not caught on with the general public yet.

Most of the people who knock her down or call her a flop haven’t given her the time of day. She’s not revolutionary, but she hustles and hustles hard.

Listen to ‘Hustler’ or ‘Lose Control/Let Me Down’. The ‘Let Me Down’ interlude is one of the best minute and thirty seconds I’ve ever heard. I don’t think she’s made her classic yet, but it’s coming.

So please, whoever you are, whatever you are, let Keri go.



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