Jason Derulo Goes For The “Bilingual” Pop Crown



Jason Derulo pulled a fast one on us yesterday and released a Spanish version of his hit single ‘Talk Dirty’.

Other “Bilingual” pop stars are reportedly steaming from the release. By steaming I mean they’re probably loving it, and by “bilingual” I mean the artist who released a Spanish single when no one knew they spoke Spanish.

Anyone remember ‘Irreemplazable’?

How about ‘If I Ain’t Got You (Spanish Version)’?

I’m sure that the Spanish version of ‘Talk Dirty’ was recorded for the preservation of the language and not for the $ales and widespread radio play it will receive right?

America is a melting pot of cultures, we have the right to hear ‘Talk Dirty’ in any language that we want to don’t we?


As much as I joke, the move isn’t a bad one. It is obvious what Jason and his team are trying to do here. Currently sitting at number 4, the song has continued to gain in chart points but can’t seem to push past ‘Dark Horse’ or ‘Happy’. This is the closest Jason has been to number 1 in a few years, and given his recent rise in popularity, this would solidify his star power.

When Beyonce did this with ‘Irreplaceable’ the Spanish version of the song became a hit on its own. It helped propel the song to new heights, pushing it to reach 10 weeks at number 1. Not to mention that Beyonce sounded beautiful and convincing on the track. When doesn’t she?


The problem with ‘Talk Dirty’ is the quality of the song. Jason sounds like a high school freshman reading off his looseleaf paper, hoping he’ll pass his Spanish oral exam. It doesn’t sound convincing, and it definitely doesn’t sound natural.

The vocals are weak compared to the original. You can here the change in quality when you compare the verses and the chorus, which still contains the original vocals. Also, the switches from Spanish to English are too funny. The “CUAN-DO Talk Dirty to me” line is enough for me. Smooooooooooth.

Why didn’t 2 Chainz take some Spanish lessons. Let’s be honest, 2 Chainz giving us some Daddy Yankee realness could’ve saved the track.

Expect to see this version as a bonus track on Jason’s album, Talk Dirty. I’m giving him a hard time, but like I said before he’s hustles. This will help the song reach new platforms and will help him on a global scale.

But the real question is, do our actual Spanish speaking pop stars approve?



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