Phillip Phillips Strikes Again With ‘Raging Fire’


American Idol has done an ok job with finding new artists throughout years.

An artist isn’t just somebody who can sing, but someone who has vision, goals, and charisma. This is why a good half of its winners are great artists and the other half are flops.

Fantasia is not in the flop category. How dare you.

Phillip Phillips is one of the only good winners recently. He has a unmistakable voice and he’s working the folky-pop category with ease. His win on Idol was the most obvious since Carrie Underwood destroyed everyone in 2005.

Phillips winning song, ‘Home’, catapulted him away from the competition. He wasn’t just know for winning, but for an actual song now. This is the biggest obstacle for each winner.

This brings us to his new single, ‘Raging Fire’, the first release of his upcoming sophomore album.


After the massive success of ‘Home’, Phillips entered platinum territory with his debut album The World from the Side of the Moon. The album played very David Matthews-ish if David Matthew didn’t make me want to rip my eyes out. #NotSorry.

‘Raging Fire’ reminds me of a more top 40 version of Mumford & Sons. It’s got a folky feel with a pop hook and violin lead post chorus. As always Phil’s voice is dominating the track, still showing the passion that he displayed on Idol. Especially when he sing/yells “down” in the second verse.

Here’s the thing – ‘Raging Fire’ is kind of basic. I don’t hate it, but there’s nothing about it that’s too special. It sounds a lot like his first album and that bothers me a little bit.

One could argue “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but I don’t think that flys here. I wanted to hear a little more growth. I don’t like that the song sounds like other acts to me. When I hear a song I only want to think about the person singing it. If I’m reminded of someone else your not owning it.

Watching Phil perform the song on Idol made me like it more. It reminded me of what made me like him to begin with. He’s a star but he’s not serving that with ‘Raging Fire’.

It kind of sounds like a song that would played during a coming-of-age movie right? Can’t you see a guy and a girl running and rolling around in a field at sunset? I probably just wrote the video.

I’m still a Phil fan. This isn’t a step in the wrong direction, just a side step. I’m still checking for that second album and will be waiting for the next single.

Also I apologize for being a bad white guy with the Dave Matthews shade, but I must stay true to myself no matter what.

*gets kidnapped*

*Forced to listen to ‘Crash’ for 24 hours*


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