Cher Lloyd Slays With New Single ‘Sirens’



Cher Lloyd decided to serve us a bonafide smash.

After barely scrapping the itunes top 100 last year with the T.I. collaboration ‘I Wish’, Cher Lloyd fell into a little bit of a sophomore slump. The song never charted on the Billboard Hot 100, leaving Cher with a certified dud to her name.

Up until this point Cher has only seen a major hit with her debut single ‘Want U Back’. The song peaked at number 12 on the Hot 100 in 2012. If you’re a fan of the UK version of the X Factor than you know the kind of talent and appeal Cher has. She’s a pint-sized firecracker with the confidence and voice to match.

Until now the material she’s recorded has all been a little basic – catchy, but no substance. It looks like ‘Sirens’ could change all that.


‘Sirens’ is the official second single from her sophomore album Sorry I’m Late, which is now perfectly titled due to the delays from her record label. (A little more on that later)

‘Sirens’ isn’t anything new. It’s not a mind blowing single that will change radio or be the start of a new trend. But, the song will do more for Cher’s career than anything else she’s released.

Cher owns ‘Sirens’. Vocally she hasn’t show us anything this good since the X Factor. Her vocals are unique. She has a very specific voice and ‘Sirens’ showcases it beautifully. If anyone thinks she can’t sing this will prove them wrong.

The guitar lead track is a pop power anthem. Lyrically it’s past the bubblegum she was being boxed into; it’s a stimulating song with strong visuals. Melodically the song weaves through Cher’s lower register until the chorus comes crashing in.

Cher’s antics still come through on the track, with her squeaks and vocal inflections through out the verses. She shined on the X Factor. It was so obvious that she was a pop star, and it’s refreshing to finally see her with material that proves that.


Time for some truth – LA Reid needs to get his label in order. Instead of trying to revive the careers Ciara and Avril Lavigne he should be focusing on Epic’s new acts.

Cher could be a huge act in the US. She easily could be on top of the charts, but without the label support it’s not going to happen. ‘Sirens’ proves the type of power house she could be. Epic is failing as a label and it needs it’s shining star. The same was happening to Capitol until Katy Perry rolled around.

That being said, ‘Sirens’ is being released at a good time in the US. The radio is loving ballads and power house songs right now. If pushed the right way ‘Sirens’ could be Cher’s moment. But judging from the hot mess Epic Records has been these past few years anything can happen.

What do you think of ‘Sirens’?


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