20 Songs To Turn Up Your Commute


Let me paint a picture of my commute for you:

I get on the subway between 6-6:30 everyday only to fight my way for a seat. Most days I’m blessed with ones, other days I stand and slowly die holding the pole.

But don’t get it twisted, I slowly die in my seat being crushed between the two people next to me. If I’m lucky they’re eating a doughnut, if I’m not they have fish.

So aside from reading, my saving grace is my morning playlist.

It periodically switches, but they’re are always some classics that survive each edit. So I wanted to share it with you guys because who doesn’t need a good pick me up in the morning. And if your like me, nothing can fix a New York commute like a good old turn up.


My most recent playlist below:


1. ‘Marvin’s Room’ – Drake

2. ‘Sure Thing’ – Miguel

3. ‘It Won’t Stop’ – Sevyn Streeter feat. Chris Brown

4.  ‘V.S.O.P’ – K. Michelle

5. ‘Take Me With You’ – Prince

If you haven’t heard this song you need to jump on it asap. Not only is it one of the best from Purple Rain, but it’s a classic Prince songs that still holds its weight today.


6. ‘Window Seat’ – Erykah Badu

7. ‘Pyramids’ – Frank Ocean

8. ‘Climax’ – Usher

9. ‘Don’t Judge Me’ – Chris Brown

10. ‘Collide’ – Leona Lewis feat. Avicii

Back in 2011 there was a whole scandal about Leona stealing this Avicii beat, which lead to a bunch of label drama and a few people getting sued. Somehow it was all solved and Avicii was given featured billing, which is a good thing because the song slays. It never blew up in the US, but that makes it even better to listen to.


11. ‘Take Care’ – Drake feat. Rihanna

12. ‘Sirens’ – Cher Lloyd

13.  ‘The Whole World’ – Outkast

14. ‘Honeymoon Avenue’ – Ariana Grande

15. ‘Latch’ – Disclosure feat. Sam Smith

I didn’t like this version of the song ever since I heard the acoustic version, but it’s growing on me big time. Easily the best dance song of the last few months.


16. ‘Where Have You Been’ – Rihanna

17. ‘Partition’ – Beyonce

18. ‘Somebody Else’ – Mario feat. Nicki Minaj

19. ‘Gust of Wind’ – Pharrell

20.  ‘Hunter’ – Pharrell

Duck Dynasty is cool and all, but they got nothing on a females call



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