Sia Swings From The Chandelier And Wins


Isn’t it about time for Sia to have another smash of her own?

For the past 3 years or so Sia has been writing for all your favs and slaying the pop game while doing so. Anyone ever heard of ‘Let Me Love You’? How about ‘Pretty Hurts’? Oh, so your telling me that you’ve never heard of ‘Diamonds’??

She has been the pen behind the worlds biggest pop stars, and most people don’t know it. Sia had a brief moment in the spotlight with ‘Titanium’ in 2011. Even though she sang and co-wrote the song it was officially billed as a David Guetta song….yeah about that…..

She’s finally stepping back to the mic to bring us her 6th album this year, which is her first since 2010’s We Are Born. With all of her new founded success there is no better time for the album to drop and for you to recognize pop greatness.

The albums first single, ‘Chandelier’, was released yesterday. I needed a full night to process the complex pop anthem, but let me tell you, it’s a smash.

Sia is giving us some dark pop here, and not some ‘Dark Horse’ pop. Like actual I am human and I feel real pain type of pop.

‘Chandelier’ sounds more fun than it actually is on first listen. I first chalked it up as a party song, a better version of ‘Cheers (I’ll Drink To That)’, but I realized that it’s much darker. She’s talking about straight alcohol, blacking out, forgetting the world, and drinking like there’s no tomorrow.

“Party girls / Don’t get hurt / Can’t feel anything/ When will I learn?”

Don’t let the melodies trick you.

The theme of the song even makes the “1,2,3 drink” section sound dark. Each drink is bring her further from the world and closer to being turnt up. And we’re talking real turnt up apparently. Like this:


Sia’s melodies are insane in ‘Chandelier’. There are about three different sections that I’m stanning for right now. Every song she’s written contains complex melodies, which makes her one of the most prolific songwriters out right now. But ‘Chandelier’ takes the cake cake cake cake. By the way, my favorite section starts at the end of the chorus with the line “I’m gonna fly.”

Production wise the song is very in lane with ‘Diamonds’ in the chorus with the crashing drums and trickling synths. The verses are where things get interesting. It’s like a hybrid Caribbean lullaby carefully creeping below Sia’s vocals. As far as production is concerned, ‘Chandelier’ is the most interesting release of 2014.


What really needs praise is Sia’s vocals. I genuinely don’t think anyone else could’ve recorded this. It’s very theatrical with the slurred vocals in the verses leading up to the big chorus. My favorite thing about Sia is that she lets her voice run wild without losing control.

When I first heard the snippet of the chorus the other day I was horrified. But I’ve never been so wrong. The song has me really acknowledging Sia’s vocal strength more than her writing. That’s a first for me, although ‘Breath Me’ is the definition of slayage.

‘Chandelier’ is the most interesting release we’ve been served this year. It’s big, bold, and worth the wait. Sia has yet to let us down and it looks like her lucky streak isn’t over.

What do you think of ‘Chandelier’?



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