The Radio Is Killing John Legend


It’s pretty much impossible that you haven’t heard John Legends ‘All Of Me’ by now.

Taken from his album, Love in the Future, the song took off after his performance at the Grammys last month. It immediately jumped into the top 5 on iTunes after the performance and the radio finally jumped on the bandwagon.

John had been pimping the song out for a few weeks before the Grammys. He performed the song on Ellen and the song has started to gain steam. What it was missing was the radio love and the Grammy performance solved that.

But after a few weeks of being on the radio ‘All Of Me’ started to sound like a cat scratching a chalkboard while screaming. The radio can do wonders for some songs, but for others it can have the opposite effect – utter hatred.

There’s a couple of reasons for this. Let’s call it The One Republic Effect because it happens to everyone of their songs.

The first reason is the song itself. Some songs aren’t meant to be heard over and over again. ‘All of Me’ is one of those songs. Does this mean that it’s less superior than other songs? No. Does this mean that it’s not a good song? Certainly not.

This just isn’t the type of song to hear non-stop because if we’re going to be frank, it’s a little basic. Sure we all loved it when he sang it on the Grammy’s, but it doesn’t have the personality of his other hits. This is no ‘Ordinary People’, but as luck would have it, this is his biggest song to date. So the radio plays won’t stop.

The second reason for radio murder are the un-welcomed remixes. Once a song, specifically a ballad, hits the airwaves a cluster of remixes appear to encourage more airplay. Remixing a ballad strips it of all that’s good and pure. So not only do we hear the original all the time, but we hear a less better version of it in multiple formats. So, no Tiesto, we did not need a EDM version of ‘All Of Me’.

When these two factors are mixed along with the pre-teens who make all the radio requests you have yourself a classic One Republic Effect.

If you don’t believe in the effect listen to ‘Counting Stars’ and see how you feel. Better yet, their hit ‘Good Time’ – this should bring back some good feelings.

I’m not mad at John. I’m actually happy that he’s being recognized. I’m glad the general public has woken up to his greatness. I’ve been on the John bandwagon ever since Get Lifted was released back in 2006. Seriously if you have not listened to that album you have to. I tend to get a little down when an insanely talented artist is overlooked for basics. John is one of the most consistently talent artists of the past two decades. I wasn’t surprised that everyone was sleeping on him, but wasn’t happy either. Which is why the sudden success of ‘All Of Me’ was a good thing at first.

My bone is with Top 40 radio and the need to tamper with and overplay songs. I’ve seen too many good ones drop to the wayside to not be mad.

But it’s the American public who controls the radio, so I guess I’m more mad at them.

Thank you American public for killing dreams songs.

RIP ‘All Of Me’. We barely knew you.

*Tiesto Remix Plays In The Background*



One comment

  1. It seems like you’re missing the big picture here. What music genre is riding the wave of popularity today? EDM. How do you get EDM fans to pay attention to a ballad? Get TIesto to remix it. EDM fans love the Tiesto version of All of Me now and down the road, they will love the original in the same way that I and other EDM fans would never have paid attention to the original version Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness had it not been for Cedric Gervais’ remix last summer. I definitely enjoy listening to both versions In the same way, in the mid 2000’s, hip hop was big and you had to give a song a hip hop beat to get people to pay attention. Let’s go back to your example of OneRepublic. Dr Dre gave Apologize the hip hop treatment and guess what? Everyone paid attention to it. It definitely helped me to like the original much more. Taylor Swfit has both pop and country versions of every hit you hear on the radio. It draws fans in on both sides. I understand why you feel radio is killing John Legend. However, I hope you understand my brief argument for why radio is successfully promoting him in contrast to how you actually feel.

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