Jennifer Lopez and French Montana Hit American Idol

Jennifer Lopez - I luh Ya Papi (Music Video)

Once again JLo is using the American Idol train to her advantage.

‘I Luh Ya Papi’ debuted on the Hot 100 this week at 98. Considering that both the song and the video were released last week, last night’s performance may be the last thing to save the song.

Out of all of her lead single, ‘Papi’ is probably the weakest, but the way she performed last didn’t show that. Out of all of the performances she’s done over the years on Idol this was her best. It even proved that her voice is getting better like Marc Anthony said.

French Montana’s mic must have been off because all I heard was his studio vocals. That was his biggest televised performance to date, so I’m curious if it will affect the rest of his career positively.

Take a peep at JLo’s latest offering below:

Like I said, this is the best that we’ve seen her perform in a while. I think that whole movement back to her roots is a good look for her. She looks more natural here than she did with all of her dance tracks. Plus, she’s always been a performer, so it’s a good reminder that she’s still got it.

Whether or not ‘Papi’ is going to help her upcoming album has yet to be seen. The big test is going to be this next week. If the performance is enough to get the public buying and the radio playing than she’s set. If not, it’s onto single number 2, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

JLo’s album drops on June 17th.



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