Lorde’s ‘Ribs’ Serve Up Truth

Lorde Portrait

I should get this out of the way first: if you haven’t listened to Lorde’s Pure Heroine album yet you need to dust off your keyboard and purchase it right now.

If you still are hesitant (aka pressed, crazy, anti-New Zealand, ect.) than you should at least check out ‘Ribs’.

Back in October ‘Ribs’ was featured as the iTunes single of the week giving the general public a taste of the 17 years old beyond ‘Royals’. So naturally I downloaded it and found myself loving it more and more with each listen.

I’ve been meaning to write about ‘Ribs’ for a while now. Not only do I think it’s Lorde’s best song, but it’s one of the best releases from 2013. From production to the lyrics, the song is oozing with profound truth and angst; everything we that we want in a dark and dreary alt-pop song.


‘Ribs’ was produced by Joe Little and Lorde, which is exactly why it sounds like the darker sister of ‘Team’. Normally I would focus on the beat when I talk about the production, but the mixing of ‘Ribs’ is truly incredible. The contrast of her deep vocals and high register reflect the theme of the song. It’s not a coincidence that she sounds both old and young throughout the song.

Normally I’m not the type of person who get caught up with the notion that songs “speak” to me, but this one is pretty spot on.

There are a lot of songs about being older and remembering your youth, but there aren’t a lot of songs about the youth realizing their losing youth. I doubt that Lorde and I are the only ones, but the realization that you’re young and it flying by is unsettling. What makes ‘Ribs’ so great is that fact that it’s real. We must accept aging, laugh until are ribs get tough, grin and bear it.

Sorry I just got a little real on you guys.


But that’s the appeal of Lorde. She kind of feels like an old soul trapped in a 17 year old body. Her stories, experiences, and perspectives make her one of the most interesting artists out right now. Even ‘Royals’ was brutally truthful (and brutally overplayed.) Pure Heroine is better with each listen because it not only shows another side of Lorde, but reveals another truth about being young and growing up.

I doubt that ‘Ribs’ will ever become a single, and to be honest I hope that it doesn’t. Leave that to ‘Tennis Court’ and ‘Glory and Gore’. I want it to stay the perfect album track that it is.

Bottom line: Lorde slays. Growing up Sucks. Listen to ‘Ribs’ and feel better.

Oh and here’s ‘Ribs’ and a meme I made for you



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