Calvin Harris Gifts Rita Ora With ‘I Will Never Let You Down’


Calvin Harris has been a major force in pop music these last few years. He’s always been a king in the dance world, but he has successfully translated that into producing some major pop jams.

Since the worldwide success of ‘We Found Love’, Calvin’s producing and song writing skills have been heavily sought after. It doesn’t hurt that he has a near perfect record of producing/writing hit songs for other artists.

So it doesn’t surprise me that his girlfriend, Rita Ora, decided to launch her second album with one of his songs.

‘I Will Never Let You Down’ has the most bubblegum pop sound that we’ve ever heard Calvin sound. The feel-good love songs strays away from the EDM breakdowns, and treads towards 80’s pop anthems.

Calvin Harris: 'You could not buy me to remix one of your records.'
If you’re not familiar with Rita let me catch you up to speed – wildly successful in the UK, US flop. That pretty much sums things up.

Rita spent her entire debut album attempting to break the US. After having 3 straight number 1’s in the UK, 2 of the songs were released in the US with hopes of similar results.

The problem with Rita’s debut album was the lack of personality. Each song sounded like another pop star. It didn’t help that ‘RIP’ was literally a Rihanna left over. Nothing gave her any type of distinction, which is exactly why nothing she did impacted the states.

With no shade and pure truth, she is the epitome of basic.

Calvin’s love is putting her in a better direction though. ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ is the kind of bubblegum pop that fills the radio every summer, and might be the kind that the US could notice.

The song doesn’t come close to the perfect collaborations that we’ve come to expect from Calvin, but it’s also the most mainstream song we’ve heard from him so far. The catchy hook and melody are there, but he’s holding back with the beat a bit. It’s a less offensive sound for all the recent EDM haters.

As for Rita, it’s clear that the song was reminiscent of the diva pop songs of the 80’s, but she doesn’t own the song as such. She doesn’t let her vocals go like the song calls for. That being said, I think that Rota has a killer voice, she just needs to push it a little further.

The song is a safe sure-fire hit. It will get the radio play in the UK. It has a good shot of impacting the US, but it’s safe none the less.

Your first taste of summer below:


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