4 Reasons You Love Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’


There’s so much money on your mind that you may have not even noticed the slayage that’s occurring on iTunes.

This past weekend Sam Smith has “his” moment when he performed on SNL.

If you look back through the years countless artists got their big break once they performed on the SNL stage. So being the male answer to Adele like I said back in February, naturally Smith would follow in her footsteps and blow up after his debut appearance.

I don’t know if the release of ‘Stay With Me’ was done because of the appearance, but I’m glad it happened.

‘Stay With Me’ gives us everything we need. I’m talking about some Fighting Temptations realness. Some truth that’s signed sealed and delivered.

Here’s why:


1. The Choir

If you attach a gospel choir to a song it’s going to be life changing. It’s a scientific fact. Don’t fight all the emotions that you’re feeling.

The choir just takes the song to another level, especially with the harmonies in the second chorus. It makes a simple song sound more full. It also shows us exactly how much soul Sam is carrying in his soul.


2. The Vulnerability

One of the best parts about Sam’s writing is the truth that it holds. I’m about to get all “social lenses” on you guys, but he breaks down stereotypes of manhood here. He’s not afraid to reveal a more sensitive, less tough side.

He’s talking about being needy and being afraid to let go. All emotions that every human feels, but often hide. His ability to reveal honesty through his music is impressive, especially at such a young age. This may be a risk that most people look over but it’s a daring one.

The way people view you affects your sales and what’s written about you. By releasing songs like this Sam’s saying he could careless what society thinks about him and his emotions.

PREFIX MAG - Sam Smith Performs New Single On SNL_png_630x347_q85

3. His Vocal Restraint

So far all we’ve heard from Sam is spiraling vocals with ‘Money on my Mind’, ‘Latch’ and ‘La La’. Here we get a more toned down version.

Nothing like a singer who doesn’t need to go over the top every single time.

And we know he can.

*falsetto*Mon-nay on mah mind*falsetto*


4. The SNL performance.

Just watch.


Bonus Shade:

How pressed do you think Emeli Saunders is considering the song is just a better version of all her music?



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