The Return Of Lana


Ultraviolence is about to commence.

If you guys aren’t ready for the Lana Del Rey return than you better brace yourself, because it’s-about-to-go-down.

The first signs of promo appeared this week when a billboard for Lana’s third album mysteriously appear in the pretentious hipster capital of the world, Brooklyn.

This is just one of the few pieces of the puzzle that we’ve been given the last few weeks. So naturally I’ll help you piece them together so we can figure out exactly what’s going down (and probably be wrong about most of it).

*born 2 die*


Let’s be real, we only know a handful of things:

– The albums name is Ultraviolence

– It’s “spiritual”

– The first single is called ‘West Coast’

-This is the ‘West Coast’ cover

Lana Del Rey West Cst Art 600

– Disco song ‘In The Pale Moonlight’ is not included

– The album might drop on May 1st

Got it?!?

There’s also huge speculation that Lana will follow the Beyonce-Release and drop the album whenever she pleases. iTunes has mentioned that other artists are looking at the same model. It worked alright for Kid Cudi, so why not?

Ultraviolence could be pretty big for Lana. Last year brought huge single success with the real Oscar winner ‘Young and Beautiful’ and ‘Summertime Sadness’. Her debut album just crossed the million copy mark, which is HUGE. Just to put this in perspective, the album was release in January of 2013. Albums don’t slow burn anymore. They drop, sell, and stale after a few months. Lana fans are only increasing in number. Ultraviolence could be her big break. Finally.

Get those iTunes gift cards ready.

An now, a smash:


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