Boots ‘Dreams’ With Bey


Let’s be honest, the biggest mystery of Beyonce’s new album was its unknown producer Boots. (This is excluding the fact that the whole album was a mystery to us all – LOL REMEMBER WHEN THAT HAPPENED??)

Since he blessed us with ‘Haunted’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Jealous’, etc, etc, Boots has been dropping tracks over the last few months leading up to the release of his planned mixtape, WinterSpringSummerFall. He’s slowly began to build his brand, upping the hype for the mixtape with each release.

The fact that he had received so much notoriety from Beyonce is already giving him some major home field advantage with his most recent release ‘Dreams’. A Beyonce fan will love anything that she is on, so he’s winning there, but the song is just another example of his song writing skills.


‘Dreams’ sounds a lot like that material we saw on Beyonce. It’s moody and floats along the same way ‘Heaven’ does with just a little more pep. As a producer, Boots has my attention. ‘Dreams’ is serving some creepy R&B, and that’s not something we’re really seeing right now. The track comes across very polished, and for a new producer that’s certainly an accomplishment.

It’s a beautifully written song, with chilling vocals from both. I don’t think that Boots it the best vocalist by any means, but he get’s the job done. Beyonce kills her part, but that’s not surprising at this point. That note at the 3:39 though….


It’s going to be interesting to watch Boots’ career progress. At this point I’m still not convinced of his power as a solo artists. This is the best of his releases so far, but I’m still waiting to like one of his songs this much without Beyonce being on the track.

He still needs to prove he’s more than that guy from the Beyonce album, but why not milk it for what it’s worth while he can right?

Bottom line, ‘Dreams’ is a great song, and if you liked Beyonce’s new album than you should listen to it right now.

What do you thinks of ‘Dreams’?


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