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The Iggy Azalea Takeover Is In Full Commence


It has taken a few years, but it’s finally safe to say that Iggy Azalea has indeed made it in the US.

The Australian rapper’s debut album, The New Classic, was released on Tuesday and shot to the top of the US iTunes chart. For a rapper that’s just getting some real shine here in the states, this is a huge accomplishment, especially after a rocky 2013.

Last year brought a series of highs and lows for Iggy, but none bigger than the push back of her major label debut. A pushback is never a good sign, especially when it’s for a debut. The chances that a label will continue to pump resources into an artist that is not sticking with the public is slim.

After the criminally underrated ‘Work’ failed to impact the US things looked grim. I assumed that Iggy would float around the internet sensation zone and never graduate to full blown star.

But thanks to ‘Fancy’ I was completely wrong.



Meet Drigo, Your New Favorite Artist


There is nothing like watching an artist rise to fame.

I remember the first time I heard ‘Pon De Replay’ back in 2005. I remember when everyone thought that Rihanna would be nothing more than a one-hit wonder. I remember having a feeling about her and buying her album because I thought she could make it.

Watching her career grow into the monster that is it today taught me a lot about the industry. It showed me the satisfaction of standing behind an artist who beats the odds. It showed me that an artist you accidentally come across on a blog, or a random show could be the next big thing.

That brings us to Drigo.


Get to Know Sam Smith


The UK has a strong track record of producing insanely talented artists, especially these last few years.

After the Adele explosion of 2011/12, a flood of UK artist have attempted to cash in on her success. Artists like Jessie J and Emeli Sande both rushed to the states after huge years in the UK, but neither impacted the way that they hoped.

But I have a feel that UK’s current it boy might have a shot.