Gif Love: Kanye Set To Release New Album in 2014


Not an April Fools joke.

I repeat, not an April Fools joke.

This morning Kanye West made the announcement that Australian leg of his tour was going to be postponed. Originally slated for May, the dates are now taking place in September. You’re probably thinking that unless you live down undah (classless joke) this news doesn’t really affect you.


Kanye’s using the time to make/finish his new album. So there’s that.

Here’s a few of the things you’re probably thinking right now, assuming that he is actually going to use the time to finish his album and not marry Kim like everyone is saying.



Gif Love: Missy Speaks


Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott has not released an album in nearly 9 years.

There have been random singles sprinkled through out that time, but nothing has stuck. Let’s be honest, 2008’s ‘Ching-A-Ling’ was a certified smash, and we can’t forget her appearance and production on Keyshia Cole’s ‘Let It Go’. But none of this has filled the musical void she left.

As far as album announcements, things have been quiet on the Missy front. Since her last album, Nicki Minaj has dominated the female rap arena, and Lil Kim has fallen so far from the charts you can barely see her.

But Missy has finally broke her silence about the album. What words of wisdom has she given us?

“It’s Coming”


Let us process the full quote below:


Jiggle Dem Keys: DK is Back


There’s something nostalgic when a group reunites.

It brings you right back to the time in your life when they were on top. I was wearing a conch shell necklace, braces, and a Hollister polo when Danity Kane first hit the scene.

*No Photographic Evidence Available*

It was the summer of 2006, right before my junior year when their first album dropped. Excluding the first season, I was an avid viewer of all the Making The Band shows. I watched Diddy be Diddy and ruin the careers of dozens of hopefuls, then sign them only to ruin their careers some more.

Out of all the groups Danity Kane was different though.