‘Dark Horse’ Gets A Dose Of Dawn


Dawn Richard of Danity Kane decided to put her own twist on ‘Dark Horse’ and things got real dark.

After the official video dropped last week this remix couldn’t have come at a better time. We all needed to be reminded of how good of a song this is. Not going to lie, the egyptian themed video nearly ruined the song for me. I found myself more bored by it then before, but it’s back to love now thanks to ol’ faithful (Dawn).

Produced by NoisecastleIII, the re-imagined number removes the pop elements of the song to give us some gritty trap beauty. Dawn has never done us wrong before and this time is no different.

Dubbed ‘The Unicorn Remix’, the track has been making rounds through the blogosphere since early this week.

If you’ve been sleeping on Dawn now would be the time to wake up.