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Where is Keri Hilson?


If someone, anyone has any information, please call 1-800-YOU-DOWN.

It’s been more than 3 years since Miss Keri Baybay has been pretty girl rocking on the radio. No Boys Allowed was released in December of 2010, leaving the world Keriless since then. We’ve seen major rises and falls in the industry since then, but where’s Keri?!?

There have been rumors of an African-inspired third album, but those are nothing more than rumors. She’s been spotted a few times, but her lack of presence has thousands worried. For all the stans out there, a quick reference, where did she go?

We need to find her and throw her into a studio asap.

Here are some ideas of where she could be:



Gif Love: LA Ried (In Loving Memory of The X Factor)


Let’s all admit it – The X Factor was a huge flop.

Prior to the show coming to US shores I would watch the UK version online. I found it more entertaining than American Idol, plus I thought that the stars from the show were actually quality.

The sad thing is that the talent didn’t transfer here. No one blew me away on the show – judges included. It didn’t help that The Voice blew the ratings out of the water and stole the shows potential fan base.

Three seasons down and barely any talent to show. The first season winner didn’t even release an album.

But enough about all of that. What we’re really thankful is the televised showings of LA Reid.


Gif Love: That’s So 2 Chainz



Two weeks ago Saturday Night Live did a skit on TV shows the featured hip-hop artist before they were famous.

Artists like Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Rick Ross were all featured.

If you haven’t seen I would recommend it.

One of the “shows” they featured, and the best bit, was That’s So 2 Chainz.

I decided to give Disney a few reasons why they should pick up the show and allow 2 Chainz into all of our homes every week.


Gif Love: Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinkin Bout You’


Every R&B lover knows and cherishes Frank Ocean.

He’s the most daring R&B artists of the past 10 years; playing with melodies and complex story lines forcing all artists to envy him. Then they hire him.

Channel Orange was the first Beyonce type of album to hit the web. It dropped suddenly one week before the release date, sending the album immediately to number 1 on itunes. He was a debut artist who took a chance and it paid off.

A lot happens when you hear a good song for the first time. Let’s walk through the emotional reaction to hearing his first single off the album ‘Thinkin Bout You’.