New Album

The Return Of Lana


Ultraviolence is about to commence.

If you guys aren’t ready for the Lana Del Rey return than you better brace yourself, because it’s-about-to-go-down.

The first signs of promo appeared this week when a billboard for Lana’s third album mysteriously appear in the pretentious hipster capital of the world, Brooklyn.

This is just one of the few pieces of the puzzle that we’ve been given the last few weeks. So naturally I’ll help you piece them together so we can figure out exactly what’s going down (and probably be wrong about most of it).

*born 2 die*



Young Money: The Rise Or Fall of an Empire?


Young Money released their second compilation album today, The Rise of an Empire. But I’m starting to doubt the album’s title after giving it a spin.

We’ve seen a lot of label empires in Rap/Hip-Hop. Remember the power of Death Row, Bad Boy, Murder Inc. and G-Unit back in day? They were everywhere from the airwaves to the clothes racks. The 2009-2011 success of Young Money seemed to mirror that.

The introduction of superstars Drake and Nicki Minaj mixed with the never ending Lil Wayne reign lead to massive popularity for the label. This lead to a top 5 compilation single and top 10 album. Everyone wanted a piece of Young Money back then.

But it’s 2014, the fireworks are done, and the world isn’t watching the way it use to.

Rise hasn’t even cracked the top 5 on iTunes and none of the songs are taking off on the singles chart. So how much of a rise is this actually going to be?

Breaking Down Pharrells G I R L


I decided to give myself a little more than 24 hours to fully process G I R L before reviewing it. I did that to ensure that I’d write a fair review because I assumed I’d immediately fall in love with it. That would’ve lead to a stan review. To my surprise, I didn’t fall in love on first listen.

I was a little confused, a little disappointed, and pretty tired because Adele Dazeem and The Oscars kept me up so late the night before.

But then I realized something, I haven’t loved any of my favorite albums on first listen. All of them made me think and left me with a weird feeling. It’s because I didn’t understand how good they were. Each showed me something new and went against the grain. Often times the albums that I fall in love with on first listen fade away from my ipod quickly.

Take Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience for example. I loved the album on first listen, was obsessed for a week, then it died out. G I R L is not a flash in the pan; it takes a few listens to really understand and love it. And once you do you won’t look back.


Kendrick Had A Dream: 2014 Takeover


So we’re all still a little salty about the Grammys.

Kendrick lost. Macklemore sent a text or two. The Rap world was pissed.

Aside from that, things have been pretty quiet on the Kendrick front. When an artist is quiet it only means one thing, something big is about to happen. Or it just means they’re a major dud that no one is checking for them, but clearly that doesn’t apply to Kendrick.

Anyone remember this?


His fame has forever been cemented.

The good news is that things won’t stay quiet for too long. Anthony Tiffith, the CEO of Kendrick’s label TDE, is featured in the Billboard cover story with Kendrick and ScHoolboy Q. The article discusses the history of the label, their recent rise to fame, and future plans.


Are Your Ready For Pharrell’s G I R L?


The hat continues to show favor on us.

After months of teasing and hinting, Pharrell finally announced the release date of his new album, March 3rd.

President Obama has also announced plans for a national day of observance for the albums release. “We all have a right to be Happy” he said in today’s address to the nation.

Pharrell also announced the title of the album, G I R L.

Following the announcement all legal documents are now required to be written in T H I S  F O R M A T.

People on the New York subway system have been heard screaming GIRL since the early afternoon. Doctors are worried about the condition spreading as cases in LA and Chicago have appeared throughout the day.

With less than two weeks separating us from the album, we better hustle(*r*) and break this down.

Translating Derulo


Should I get the auto tuned name scream out now or later?

Say what you want about Jason Derulo, but the guy has some of the hardest work ethic in the industry.

Jason has never been on top of the pop food chain. Usher, Bruno, Justin, and even Trey have all ranked higher than him. He’s always been more of a minnow than a shark. More of a cub than a lion. More of a than a Pharrell.

He would have a good song, then follow it with a series of basic ones. The focus on bettering his craft got pretty serious in 2013. He was pushing his music out continually. He’s performances and showmanship went to the next level. He kind-of-sort-of moved away from the autotunes mess that he use to be. All his hard work paid off with the announcement of his third albums release date.

News of the album doesn’t only speak volumes for Jason, but the industry in general.


You Need Kelis’ Food


April 21st, marks the first album Kelis has released since 2010.

Following the forward thinking Flesh Tone, Food is gearing up to be one solid release from the alternative star.

The sad thing about Kelis is that she fell off of the mainstream radar after ‘Milkshake’ dropped off the charts. This lead her into label drama, dropping, and switching. Even with all of this, she has consistently delivered solid music.

‘Bossy’ is a classic.

Food marks her second venture on a independent label, which means more creative control on her end. Kelis is the kind of artist who reinvents herself with each album, and from what we know about Food, this could be her best one yet.